Sepulcher of the First Ones Feedback

I do a lot of LFR atm to collect all the sets and tmog with every class but I’m a little bit annoyed right now. I often get invited to bosses where I allready have ID on… So I have to queue and wait again… as happened today I got invited 2 times to rygelon… I killed him first time so i couldn’t loot him again. I have to wait for the third time now for this part… that doesn’t feel good and it costs a lot of time.

Another time I was invited to halondrus but the group was allready infight and I couldn’t even join the dungeon, so I waited for nothing, not a single boss for me.

For me there is no need to invite a single dps or two if the grp is missing them. I dont know why the tool is doing this, especially as this causes a chain reaction. Then if i join 3rd Boss i will leave after the 2nd boss when the next invite comes and another poor person will get an invite for 3rd boss only and do the same and this goes on and on and on.

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This has happened to me often as well where I get queued to kill that last boss in a wing and then get queued in again to kill only the last boss again even though it’s the only boss in the wing I’ve already killed. It happens a lot as a healer. I’m also doing LFR on several alts for transmog so I’m sure I see it more frequently than those who only run the whole thing once a week.

Given the amount of trash that is in this raid it really would be nice if more of it gave rep gains like a lot of the older raids used to.


I have played through all the wings of LFR currently open (which is everything except the Jailer) on various characters. I still feel that the first wing is the “hardest”, as people still seem to fail on the first and last boss of this wing.

As for the other wings, they are pretty easy and I don’t think I have been a group that has wiped…yet.

Out of all the bosses in LFR I find Anduin the easiest as nothing that bad really happens in LFR mode.

I do wish that more rep was given for this raid as it doesn’t really give a huge amount.

Perhaps time to revisit tuning of the bosses and nerf them abit. It’s very far into mythic progression already with few guilds finishing the raid yet. Alot of guilds expected to be done at this point already.

Traditionally the benchmark for nerfs is when Hall of Fame is closing but considering how long it’s already been maybe we should see some Anduin Wrynn / Rygelon / Jailer nerfs. Perhaps Halondrus also.

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And the last boss is now available! (Again, this is strictly an LFR player perspective, please keep that in mind. :)) I did say I would wait til later in the week, but after looking at his loot table, I likely won’t run it more than this time. Maybe on my Paladin for the mace, but meh. The trinkets look pretty meh and don’t sim higher than my Zereth Mortis trinkets.

I love that you guys learned from N’zoth that permanent mind controls do not go well in LFR. You left the MC mechanic in, but made it so the rest of the raid is able to break them out by attacking them. This is a nice compromise. I did notice that MC in LFR increases health by 100%, whereas in Normal+ it’s 50%. Was there a particular reason for this? Also, can you look into possibly changing how DoTs stay on after it breaks? One healer got killed dispelling Unstable Affliction cause a troll warlock dotted someone.

When he pulls the group in, you might want to look at how it’s done. He pulled me on top of a hole. Like, literally on top of a hole, so I fell to my death. He wasn’t even near the hole either. He just threw me to the side over a hole. And you can’t move when it’s happening so I couldn’t try to save myself with disengage or such. It happened to 2 other people in our second attempt.

Likewise, when we throw ourselves into the hole when we have the bomb, I literally got shot out and right into another hole. Luckily I WAS able to disengage, but if I were on a class without something like that - I would have died without any fault of my own. I tried rotating my body and the direction I jumped in the hole in subsequent attempts, but it seemed random which way it threw me. Not very fun to die from something you can’t control.

The only real issue I had with the fight was… Defile. (And by issue, it’s more a future issue than a current one)

The first odd thing is this isn’t mentioned anywhere in the Dungeon Journal. Not in the role highlights, or even his ability list. It simply is not in the journal. It IS in the Normal+ Journal though, but not LFR Journal. Could we get that added?

Secondly, I assume you already vastly slowed down how fast it spreads in LFR, but I can tell you with 1000% certainty, there will be trolls who purposely spread it in LFR in a few months. I try not to advocate things like this, but please consider removing the spreading mechanic from LFR only. That said, it wasn’t an issue, and I think the mechanic is fine as is, but I just know, from personal experience in past LFRs, that trolls will come in and wipe groups by standing in it on purpose. I’d rather you be proactive than reactive. Removing the spread mechanic doesn’t take away anything really from the difficulty in LFR with how slow it already spreads, all it would do would take away trolling potential.

And on the opposite issue of Defile, Desolation doesn’t appear to be a mechanic in LFR, but it’s still mentioned in the overview for the roles (but not in the ability list). “Any damage not intercepted during Desolation will harm Azeroth.” - I saw a health bar for Azeroth and it slowly went down, but at no point did he mention using Desolation, BigWigs didn’t mention it, and Desolation isn’t listed in the moves he can use in the journal.

So I assume the health just tics down slowly in LFR as a soft berserk? But either way, only mentioned this cause if it’s not in LFR, that should probably be removed from the role highlights :slight_smile:

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There was some nerfs already on some bosses but with Hall of Fame closing up on Horde might wanna look at some further nerfs. It’s Holidays, summer and all that good stuff that is always a challenge for guilds. Alot of guilds expected to be done quite a while ago so some further nerfs might be justified.

Primarily speaking about nerfs for Rygelon & The Jailer.


Jailer Mythic:

Can it be changed that the secret phase no longer heals to 24% and that it’s just not healing at all? Every guild is trying to bug it and most people kill it in their bugged attempts.

The fight is already very long (as in fight length) and most guilds has 200-400 pulls on it. Worth keeping in mind when looking at those pull count numbers is that the absolute majority of these kills also are bugged kills.

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I’m no CE raider.

My guild just killed Mythic Guardian last night on our first night of Mythic prog.

Let me say, that boss is SOOOO much better on mythic.

On normal & Heroic that boss is a waste of time. Standing around, waiting for adds to spawn in a boss fight is not fun gameplay. But on mythic with the boss up 100% of the time, it makes me wonder why it wasn’t up all the time on other difficulties.

The bombs, and Overclock are sufficient Mythic mechanics for a first boss, and if you wanted to crank up the difficulty more, make him go to Phase 3 at 20% instead of 15%.