Sephuz over Harmonious for PvP? Especially with the Cardinal Mending nerf?

Thoughts? Are y’all casting Prayer of Mender less in PvP? I’m thinking of crafting a Sephuz rank 4 next week instead. What are y’all Holy PVP priests planning?

Sephuz isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just that the cardinal mending nerf really hurts us and we don’t really have any good pvp legendaries. The 10% is going to be barely noticeable and the 80 secondary stats will lose value over the course of the expansion.

I personally use Flash Concentration because it’s the only other legendary currently available that’d increase output. I have in the past experimented with Divine Image which was terrible because it’s inconsistent and Xanshi.

Xanshi is flawed in that we sometimes do want to run Spirit of the Redeemer against caster burst teams or very hard to peel frost DK’s. It’s also incredibly easy to counter by the enemy team just stopping dps so you can’t farm back hp through healing.

Vault of the Heavens has some good playmaking potential if you run a melee dps as it’s very easy to set up fear bombs and stuns. It does put you into the middle of the fight in 3’s though.

I’m personally gonna be running Kyrian covenant legendary when possible to get more uptime on Boon of the Ascended for more pressure.

Haven’t done any PvP yet since I’ve been spending most of my non-raid time farming M+ and will be for a while for the 236 gear. Harmonious is still good for the CDR of Serenity especially while under Apotheosis.

Might play around with the Night Fae lego to see how good it is. You can double the bonus of your faeries so a -40% DR for 20s doesn’t seem bad.