Sentinel can't stay

Giving your team immunity to LoS is so incredibly bursted that it has no business even being considered.

Im talking only from a pvp perspective. It’s a really cool ability otherwise, basically kyrian arrow, but a node that allows its benefit to extend to your party is just not the play.


I think otherwise


Just remember. If you can use it, it can be used against you.

Lmk if you still think that when you’re up against an affliction lock that you can’t los during dark stoul. Or a shadow that just pressed surrender.


in all honesty the only thing you are arguing is that it should be nerfed in pvp settings, which, depending on testing could be valid, that doesn’t mean its not useful in all content or that it shouldn’t be considered at all.


Hey thanks captain obvious

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It’s obviously way too hard to balance for pvp and ignoring LoS isn’t a healthy mechanic for the game. Let’s see how they will approach it !

Stoked about the other changes however :grin:

Anytime sis :partying_face:


Nerf it in PvP maybe. It’s no aspect of the fox, but it gives a reason for hunters to be desirable in PvE outside of being overtuned.


it should be outright disabled in pvp.

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Sentinel should just be a pvp only talent.

It has very limited use in pve to the point that its not worth putting it on the tree.


Not true. It has very situational use in PvE. Whether that situational use justifies the point spend depends entirely on encounter design creating situations where you want to use it, such a K.U-J.O in Workshop, Shriekwing in Nathria, etc.

Could also be nice for trash packs that typically get LoS pulled, like the elementals in Curator’s room, the Kyrian spearthrowers in SoA before the last elevator, etc.


I agree. And at the end of the day it’s a pretty cool utility too, imo. And the thought of not only my damage can be through Los but also my teammates? Yes plzzzz. MM has always been A- /B tier in pvp for God knows how long that I wouldn’t mind opening up pvp comps for MM because of this

I mean Hunter’s had Resonating Arrow for like 2 years and it even increases our damage a ton and not one time was the hunter class OP because of it. Sure I get that it now works with your party but now we’re here so let’s check it out and see how it goes, I say.


I would like to point out that mm was nerfed during SL S1 specifically because it would tab target delete people with kyrian arrow double tap aimed

Yea I remember. That was because of Careful Aim and Double Tap. Didn’t need Resonating arrow to delete ppl


Love it as a personal talent, that is quite expensive to talent into.
But group wide utility?

I don’t want to be the Owl bot.

Expensive? What do you mean?
I’m sure most pve hunter’s are owl bots to begin with right now

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Expensive in the sense that it’s positioned in the tree so that if you take it you have to give up some other strong stuff.
e.g. Not in the first few rows connected to “default” talents that you’ll probably take all the time anyway.

Is this true or are you assuming? Either way, I’d like to see how it all works out and looks


Allowing all ranged dps to fight despite losing? the combination in mythic plus would be amazing.

“ok hunters want some kind of utility, how about this?”


no wonder this class is a steaming pile