Semi casual community LF raiders 6/8 heroic

We are a family community spread across 3 servers (2 alliance 1 horde) Our main guild is on Area 52 known as “The Shire” We are a casual family and friends guild that are 5/8 heroic and 8/8 Normal. We are looking to expand our roster with capable players and hope to make a few friends along the way :slight_smile:

We raid on Tuesdays 7-9pm CST and on Sundays 1-3pm CST

If interested reach out on Bnet at Kola#21812
Or on Discord at Kola#7010

Still looking for players :slight_smile:

still searching :smiley:

Still looking for Heroic raiders! We are slamming through Broodkeeper prog :sunglasses:

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