Selling server blades


While I think it would be cool to own an old blade to mount to the wall, especially for charity, I’d like to know how much actually goes to the chairty. It said “100% minus…” and listed several things. So blizz, how much is going to chairty, a dollar because it cost you $299 in all those fees? just say ACTUALLY how much goes to chairty


I think they are out of stock…


The whole amount dedicated to the server blade itself is the charitable contribution. You pay for taxes, shipping, freight and processing. Sounds like a lot, but they still don’t cover the majority of the cost. I think after tax I paid 309? Probably around 250 is going to charity.


Didn’t even know this was a thing. If I could have bought my old server for nostalgia reasons, I totally would have.


Yeah… they clear out the server software though. It’s basically just a box…


Yeah, I get that.


I think I saw one that somebody bought. It has a nice plaque on it, saying which server it hosted and such. I think the guy also had the original devs autograph it. It was on youtube or something. Was a good while back.


With virtualization etc they basically state they can’t tell you what realms these hosted. Things like Vmware VMotion can automatically move virtual servers around based on load, etc. Still a pretty cool nostalgic piece of our gaming history.


The ones they sold recently were upgrades anyways. The original Vanilla WoW ones sold years ago. They did have the server printed on it. Yeah, the newer ones hosted a few various servers each.


Details on the page where you buy shirts and stuff

I cant post links, because reasons


Who knows? I still think its cool though. I’d have bought one if I had $300 extra. If you could buy one that specifically hosted your server, I’d have paid my mortgage late.