Self healing for WW, super bad

our self healing is beyond terrible, BEYOND. I’m willing to trade our damage for something that’s actually worth putting the hotkeys on my bar.


Worst thing about the spec. Only Rets are kinda on the same level of terrible when it comes to sustain.


Isnt Ret self healing good when your spamming Word of Glory. Sure your losing all your damage though

Nah, wog got nerfed into the ground last xpac

lol my 69 monk healing like 10k with expel harm on 169k hp. Sounds legit


Annoyingly spending points on every single healing increase talent feels like it does virtually nothing.

You’re pretty much forced into BrM in order to quest.

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play ENH you’ll get same burst damage like WW , but with healing , but no mobility tough. XD you gotta trade your mobility for that healz !

Ret healing is better. they also got lay of hands now in arena

Are we playing the same game? Windwalker is on the easier side of the solo-questing experience. You can burst down most enemies before they do more damage than an Afterlife orb heals. I was soloing group quests as a windwalker with no issue.


Can second this. Did most of 60-70 as WW after finding BrM a little slow. The burst damage and AoE are excellent, and you have pretty decent healing.

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Same. Unless we’re talking about PVP, didn’t feel like my sustain was ever an issue while leveling 60-70. Even now when doing quests @ max.

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Windwalker has some of the worst self sustain in the game, doesn’t mean leveling isn’t doable on the spec, its just easier on almost every other spec in the game. Blizzard lied when they did the 40%HP and Damage buff, they promised to fix specs hurt by the change. Monks and paladins got their sustain destroyed.

It’s also one of the reasons BRM is struggling atm.


It takes me over 20sec to heal up after failing alchemy experimentation. Which is just crazy, might as well eat food and not even worry about healing myself.


I’m fine with our level of healing (so far). I haven’t had an issues where I have really needed that much healing. If it’s going to be a tough pull I use defensives and Expel every single time it is up to slow the health loss and it’s been fine.

Of course it could be better, but I haven’t had to stop to eat food once, so I’m not very concerned about it.

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The healing isn’t extremely bad but it is bad. Expel Harm is worth keeping on your bar, but not for the heal… For the Hit Combo extension when no targets available.