Seizure inducing prot rotations?

Haven’t played a ton on my warrior but do enjoy prot quite a bit. Planning to dabble mythics and light raidingin the future, but am not sure if I’m doing the rotation correctly because right now it feels like I could have a seizure with all of the proc’s.

Right now what I do is basically this:

Fleshcraft > Charge > Shield Block > Thunderclap > Slam > Revenge > Dragon’s Roar/Demo Shout (when applicable) > Shockwave/Pummel/Storm Bolt/Banner (when applicable)

From there it feels like a bit of a clusterfook. At that point I try to keep up Shield Block (which seems unnecessary other than for the Slam procs), and prioritize abilities in this order Slam > Free Revenge Procs > Thunderclap > Revenge > Victory Rush/Impending Victory. I actually took the Devastator talent because it felt like I never actually had time to use Devastate, but that has in some ways made the rotation more complex because Slame is always available.

However, it seems like I constantly have proc’s for Revenge/Slam/VictoryRush popping up and the damn flashing makes me feel like I could have a seizure at times.

Am I doing it right? Or is there a better rotation/talent selection?

If your using reprisal (assumed) as one of your Lego’s, then you simply charge in, Revenge (Free with charge) no need to SB (free with charge) also you get a IP. I suggest either watching a quick video on YouTube or heading over to Skyhold and picking their brains. If your referring to slam and not shield slam, we don’t use slam (ineffective/waste of rage). Devastator is correct and once you hit 30% (at least) haste the autos help reset, along with SB and Revenge, your Shield Slam (which is our primary and sole purpose this patch).

Okay so prot currently is barley being supported by a wodden scaffold known as borrowed power to float us by

What that means over 50 percent of our active mitigation seems to rely on some borrowed source. For example

We need reprisal to keep up SB

We need 4 piece to keep up IP and fix rage issues

Both from these sets of borrowed power take monitorong and or planning to maxmize its use ie utilizing seething, maxmizing charges/intervene while not being rekless and general rage managment (do i hit ip or use 40 more rage to get the free one in about two seconds?)

Now yes prot is much more complex imo than prot pally where i find myself on auto pilot, absutely this has been exacerbated by the insane weight of SL borrowed power for prot warriors and I find it extreamly concerning.

Guys are we not going to be in the same spot coming from 8.3 to 9.0 when 9.3.5 turns to 10.0? Just a massive cleave to all our defenses, i mean currently cannot imagine prot playable without reprisal, atleast not at any competitive level.

Unless they pull some real magic tricks and get to the root cause of our flaws with the revamp then things are not looking great. Hope we can invite new prots with a less conveluted system while keeping the vets with significant payouts for effort required.

Heavy Repercussions exists

Stop spending Rage on damage and focus on defensives and you’ve got plenty of Rage for IP

Give them a chance to release Beta and go test it for yourself to see how it’ll play out before condemning it :slight_smile:

Okay thanks for your feedback i feel though given how things played out after bfa its okay to be a bit nervous as if you recall it felt just bad to play.

So does bolstering but in this day and age tanks are more of a 4th dps so i will pass

Not at all, i’ve enjoyed my Prot Warrior from the get go here in SL. It just lost it’s Meta slot from BFA was all - didn’t make it “feel bad to play”.

Bolstering is a non-issue really. You AoE mobs down about as evenly as you can, so when bolstering does go off, the amount of health they gain is minimal, making the time they’re up with the bolstering buff.

And more uptime on Shield Block = less rage spent on reapplying shield block = more Revenge casts = higher dps = less mob uptime = lower requirement for keeping active mitigation up :slight_smile:

And with Bolstering, most of the damage is physical damage, so having shield block up nearly 100% of the time is a great thing :slight_smile:

Allow me to clarify i i meant our talent “bolster” it was prevelant in antoros and early bfa iirc
I havent done the maths but it may be better than HR