Seeking Raid Leader - Heroic Raid Community

My name is Veelia, and I’m representing the Venomous Raiders raiding community! Formed during Siege of Orgrimmar, we’ve been a tight knit group of raiders long before WoW communities (and even Discord) was even a thing!

We are looking for a RAID LEADER to fill in for days when myself or my partner cannot make the raid and need someone to lead the group, call the shots, set up the raid, etc. We travel for work occasionally (both of us work in esports) and really are looking to recruit someone we can rely on full time to step in and take the reigns when we are out.

Our raiding group was formed out of a desire to have a progression-focused raid for adults who enjoy progressing and killing bosses quickly, but no longer have the time to dedicate to 3+ raid nights a week.

Over the years we’ve gotten slightly more “casual” than where our roots began, however we are still actively clearing heroic (and most of mythic) very early on in the tier.

Raid Time: Saturday 8-11 PM EST (5-8 PM PST)
Current Progress: 10/10H Fated CN, with AOTC in every tier in Shadowlands

We run Mythic+ during the week and just genuinely enjoy hanging out with each other. It’s a great community all around and we’re excited to add to our numbers!

One of the best things about the community is that we’re not “cliqueish”. We also don’t implement any hard set attendance rules. This has enabled us to stay as a community for as long as we have: we’re very open and accepting of new players and new community members - so the people who join us, stick around.

Link to apply:

If you’re interested in raiding with us this tier/expansion and have any questions, please drop me a note here, or add me on Battlenet: Veelia#1888!