Seeing whats out there

Looking for new raid team for current content. Due to work scheduling i can only raid Wednesday / Thursday but will be on other nights during the week.Looking to raid and run M+. I have multiple toons. 439ww/434Brm monk…426ret/420prot pally… And i have a few other toons that are a little below 420ilvl that i wouldn’t mind gearing up and playing…Haven’t tanked much this expansion but wouldn’t mind doing so and haven’t even tried healing. I do have AOTC but no Mythic raid experiance this tier. I am open to a transfer located on Mal’ganis atm. Battle tag is Vapo#1232 if you wanna chat.


Hi Vapo! If you’re into the idea of a transfer to Area 52, we might be a good fit for you. :slight_smile: Check us out, and let me know if you have any questions. Good luck with your search!

Evolved Gaming - Horde - Area 52

We are always looking for new members to come and join our age 18+, multi-gaming community!

We are currently openly recruiting for raids as we look to Ny’alotha and 8.3, and there’s room for you! We are a Heroic progression guild, and have gotten AOTC for BoD and EP. We raid Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30-10:30pm EST (optional additional hour on Thursdays). Currently, Wednesday is a clear of H Palace, and Thursday is an achievement run for the mount!

Not into raiding? No problem. We love running M+ dungeons for people coming together as a guild. Questing, leveling, etc. etc.! For other information please check out the thread below.

Any questions, feel free to come find me on Discord - Severinne#3611.

Hi Vapo!! Primordial Malice on the Stormrage server might be a good fit for you :slight_smile: