Seeing balance patches after everyone stopped playing

Travolta walking around looking for something

What’s the deal with Blizzard’s balancing patches coming months after everyone figures out that something is wrong with the game?

It’s like the essence rank 3 rep cost reduction or the essence vendor or the corruption vendor or the legendary vendor.

Why do they wait until everyone quits till next patch / expansion to make these changes?

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Maybe to make people who quit come back out of hope and desperation

They’re all playing their steam backlogs now till SL.

How can one of the largest companies in the video game industry move like it’s a team of 3 people working part time?

I find it depressing the pervasive feeling from everyone is hopeless apprehension. People want things to get better, that’s why they stay and be miserable or constantly come back, but experience tells us it’s just a pipe dream.

That’s what you do when time played > player satisfaction. Gotta come up with a fresh carrot every so often.

I feel like they have changes in queue waiting for metrics to hit a specific threshold.

Like the corruption vendor was already created at 8.3 launch but they knew players would get tired of it eventually so just held off putting it in until player engagement got to a specific mark.

It’s not about the game being fun and accessible, it’s about metrics.


I could almost buy into that theory but with the echoes fiasco of some people starting at 0 while others started at 20k kinda makes me think it was slapped together at the last minute out of panic

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I think it’s more because of the upcoming AWC tournament.

It’s like some emergency hotfixes so your work doesn’t look as bad in public.


It could’ve been made out of panic. That sounds more like a lack of testing though while the core team was working on SL. Then it came to release day and when this issue got brought up it was just a “meh let the ship sail, they’ll get over it in a couple weeks.”

IMO that was their objective… they did that to increase the time-played metric: more farm required = more time playing. The decision wasn’t made by “accident”, they had to increase their metrics so they came up with a system to do so. Simple as that.

People complain about lack of changes. So they make changes. People complain about knee jerk nerfs, or nerfs to things like Azerite Traits in S1 or EV that people farmed or spent gold on, so they wait.

Now people complain about them waiting. Lol.

Come on, we all know it’s not about that. These changes should’ve come months ago and while they’re at least a start, they’re not enough.

Destro still needs to be looked at some more, Rogues and Mages definitely need to be looked at, DH, corruptions, essences, etc.

I don’t think the AWC can afford to lose even more audience with games going into 65% dampening before something even starts happening in a match.

Do people even watch AWC?

The Summer Bowl (wsg tourney) was way more entertaining even with blizzard messing up the camera PoV.

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Lmao it just gets sadder when you put it that way.

I hope they do a Fall Bowl because spell reflect zanzas would be insane. Armor pen trinkets would change up the meta a bit more too.

I’d love more changes. I play three specs that could use some love.

If they had a monthly update with routine hotfixes the first of every month, it would be amazing. Even if they update sometimes said, we are still thinking, it would be great.

But they made changes every week in S1. And players raged about nerfs because they didn’t like the meta getting changed mid season and they didn’t like the op traits they had farmed being brought in line.

They tried nerfing IF and Ver stacking pretty quick, and people complained. They tried removing gpie or double shimmer in SL and people complained, so they walked that back.

The entire reason we complain is because it never seems like they test changes, and they aren’t interested in asking for community feedback to see if their changes are too much / too little.

If I was asking for a banana for months, then suddenly I was handed a banana that was already peeled and half eaten… I would be pissed!


Okay but a huge part of the complaint about nerfing vers % was that 40% vers was the only way some classes survived chaos bolt, so it just buffed the meta even more.

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People are always going to complain, there’s no workaround that. The thing about traits and corruption is they should’ve never gone live like they did.

Plus if Vers stacking is nerfed shortly after its rotation is gone, it’s even more reason to complain. If they nerfed it before it even was up on the rotation like Gushing Wound was, I bet there would’ve been way less complaints, or if it wasn’t the only stat corruption being nerfed in PvP.

Depends. People wanted EV nerfed to the dirt. They did. We never gave the scaling corruptions a chance to get an actual comparison. That was short term thinking on our part. Is that their fault for not testing, or our fault for not waiting for the whole picture before raging?

Some said that about the crucible items. Imo we never should have gotten azerite imoba removed, then rmp would never have gotten so out of control.