"Seasoned Soldier Looking for Glory!" (LF an Orc / Old-Horde Active RP/PvP Guild)

*You find a posting ona notice

Hey there, name’s Lurktek Ironbane, I’m an orc of many words, some best not spoken. I have a long history in the Horde military, ever since I’ve come of age I’ve been fighting the good fight against those damn elv- erm Alliance scum.

With the recent 4th Great war coming to a disappointing armstice, I’ve been put on temporary military leave, and for reasons I’d rather not get into I’m starting from the bottom once again.

I’m an expert in guerrilla jungle warfare having served in Stranglethorn, Krasarang, and most recently Zuldazar. Animals love me, been training wolves since I was just a young scrub, but got command over all sorts, wyverns and birds most of all,

I’m looking to get my hands bloody again, and not as a butcher this time (sick of carving up pigs, but it pays the rent). If you need a bit of extra muscle, send some mail my way.

Hey there, I’m looking for an Old Horde (Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, don’t mind Goblins) focused Active RP/PvP guild, but nothing too big, 70 or so members at max. I’m fairly fresh to rated PvP but I really want to learn. I have some history with M+ and Raiding and don’t mind doing both, but I personally find most raiding very boring.

I have an infrequent availability due to work, but I try to make events when I can, and when I’m online I’m almost always in Voice Chat if you have a Discord.

Hmu either in-game or in this post if you have something for me.

Hey there!

Sadly, I can’t name any current RP-PVP guilds who actually…well…RP-PVP. Feel free to check out the Directory below, which was updated with activity for all the guilds just about a month ago. Off the top of my head, Stormhowl Clan and Southfury Watch may fit your RP preferences, and they’re both great guilds worth looking into.

Good luck!

Edit: would help if I linked the directory. GOOD MORNING I’M AWAKE.