Season of Mastery: The Ahn’Qiraj War Effort is Now Live!

A month is nuts.

It’s one month. Transfer to Jom or Vendorstrike if you don’t wanna wait.

Reduce the auto complete to 1-3 weeks. SS and Jom will not complete the war effort in a month. Full stop


I’m assuming it’s not too late to start 1-60? I want to get in on this. I know they’ve already been adjusted, but please increase the experience gains for newcomers so we can catch up before the season is over. Same with TBC Classic.

Second bullet point.

Missed that. I guess we wait a month rather than farming opposite factions’ war effort because of faction imbalance.

Doesn’t Echo have Horde alts to help with the opening?

We definitely do not.

Wow. Slacking.

It’s already 100% on quest xp and money rewards.
There’s stuff you can farm at low level to get in on the War Effort.

If they announce Wrath Classic is coming and give a timeframe then you might see something like that. Or they just may offer boosts to 68 (as they did when TBCC launched and the boost was to 58).

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Good question.
He’s referring to this.

This was…exceptional.

Should remove the requirement to deputise people.

so I can farm carapace on my dead server and become the richest man alive!

so the alliance have to wait a month to get in RIP week one

are the 3 guilds on jom gonna farm enough in time?

This might have been better suited to get posted in the Classic forums don’t you think? Or nah, it’s Blizzard so we will post things anywhere and fail.

It looks like shadow strike has decided to opt-out of war effort. Great design.

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Buzz off…


Shmash the beetles. Shmash 'em!