Season of Mastery Beta Updates -- October 19

You can spam AE Mr gold launderer

We /will/ be able to boost a character to level 60? What time, 2:00 PM PDT?

Am I the only one getting LUA error messages in the realm selection screen and character creation screen that mentions character boosts and number of boosted characters per realm? Note: I have no addons installed.

Also, note: When will these templates go live?
P.S. Please be more communicative in regards to time tables moving forward. I.E. when maintenances will happen, when features will be implemented, ect… Everything seems, to me at least, that information is being sent off the back foot.

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I was just thinking about this lol. I do get the same LUA error switching realms.


confirming the same issue on my end

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Not much longer until it is no longer the “morning” of 10/21 here in the west.

When are we getting these 60 templates >.>


I get the same errors as well.

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All they said was before the raids were available. Some time in the morning. Not very specific though, I agree.

You are not the only person sporadically getting those errors. Fortunately, they can be dismissed.

We’ve got a fix for that coming in the Beta update next week.


Hey Kaivax. Do you know if Blizzard plans on progressing the classic SoM into (SoM like) TBC and further expansions allowing the characters to transition into those or does Blizzard plan on locking it at phase 6 or archiving the server? If you don’t know, could you please find out. Because I dont want spend an entire year playing SoM to find out it is locked and never progressing.

When are we getting the level 60 templates?

Templates are up!

Now, brah /10

so you kill mage aoe BUT
not pickpocket bots or mara princess runs

Not to question your plans, but why would SoM want to lead into TBC?

If you want to play Vanilla then TBC, that’s TBC and already exists. If you want to do Season of Mastery, you will be prevented from progressing until you get moved to a standard server at the end of the season (which is I assume what they’ll do instead of having more and more dead servers).

There isn’t anything ‘unique’ about an SoM character that would be worth more than levelling a TBC character now, to get to TBC. SoM is about the Vanilla world and only the Vanilla world.

A TBC SoM would be “Here’s a L58 template, go”, and while I can see that happening after TBCC is complete, I doubt that it’d be a natural progression of characters.

Are you asking for all or nothing? Because that’s how you get nothing.

so you are like blizzard and like the bots?

You are just speculating, you have no clue if SoM is only going to be strictly vanilla. So don’t even go down that route because it is just blank speculation. I am asking a question hopefully the community manager will answer it.

It never stops amazing that people refuse to see the consequences of their actions. Since they are not addressing bots in any way, this will only make botting worse. This will lead to more gold buying. Super shocking conclusion incoming. Hold on to your pants. They will add a wow token to stop gold buying. Second problem, most people will only play one toon if they play at all. A dead end game will, you guessed it, lead to a paid boost. This already has a precedent. “But…but but…they will fix botting.” Keep dreaming. Congrats on killing the game.

just tested it they did more then nerf the loot they changed the zombie mechanic so now when they spawn they simply attack you rather run to the boss first making it likely not possible to lvl in there anymore unless your bringing lips to make it to the reset spots.

Which is a good thing not that mages are the fastest levelers but being able to still grind this spot for 12-14 lvls would give you a huge advantage to get to other resource materials and cap the market.