Season of Mastery Beta Updates -- October 19

The Season of Mastery Beta is back online for testing with the following updates:

  • Test characters can now be leveled to 60.
  • The “Adventure Awaits” buff now grants an additional experience bonus to Dungeon quests and quests flagged as Elite.
  • High Elf Watchers have made an appearance in the Ironforge Library and Undercity Apothecarium, seeking to chronicle those who bear a “Soul of Iron”.
  • World Buffs such as Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, Warchief’s Blessing, and many others will now be removed inside of raid instances.
  • The Debuff limit on enemy units is no longer capped at 16.
  • Significantly less experience is now awarded to players who kill a creature while in a group with one or more players who are at a much higher level than the creature that was slain.
  • The Looking For Group tool from Burning Crusade Classic is now present in the Season of Mastery.
  • Adjustments have been made to some dungeon enemies:
    • Stratholme – All Undead creatures in Stratholme will now gain an immunity to snares 30 seconds after entering combat and gain immunity to roots after an additional 30 seconds of combat.
    • Maraudon – Many creatures in Maraudon will gain an immunity to snares 30 seconds after entering combat and gain immunity to roots after an additional 30 seconds of combat.
    • Mauradon – 30 seconds after gaining immunity to root effects, enemies gain 50% increased movement speed.
    • Maraudon and Stratholme – Any type of crowd control (except snares or roots) will reset the snare immunity, root immunity, and speed buffs.
    • Zul’Farrak – Zombie Trolls in Zul’Farrak now drop fewer lucrative treasures. Most of the loot previously dropped by Zombie Trolls has been redistributed to other enemies in the dungeon.
  • Adjustments have been made to enemies in Onyxia’s Lair and Molten Core:
    • All creatures have had their health increased.
    • Several mechanics that were removed in early versions of original World of Warcraft have been restored to certain bosses in both raids.
  • Developers’ notes: The adjustments to XP while in an overpowered group, along with gameplay tweaks in Stratholme and Maraudon are the first round of changes meant to curtail “boosting” or “powerleveling” of low-level characters in Season of Mastery. These changes should be largely invisible to groups who complete this content at an appropriate level with an appropriate group composition, while making many methods of kiting, gathering, and killing large groups of enemies much more precarious and inefficient. Please note that in Stratholme and Maraudon, the auras that grant immunity to slows and roots can also be reset if a creature is afflicted by a “hard” CC such as a Polymorph or Shackle Undead.

In addition to the changes above, we are planning to open Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair on Thursday, October 21 at 2:00 p.m. PDT for raid testing. To facilitate that, we will make level 60 character templates in Rare quality dungeon gear available on Thursday morning, before the raids become available.


Thank you sir


Hell yes! Good changes, gj Blizz!


Those boosting nerfs

Get wrecked, mages :slight_smile:


Nice! Love the changes!


Wasn’t pickpocketting BRD an alternative source to making money? Anything to address this?


No one gives a damn, bring back world buffs


My sincere hope is that those who want this kind of game enjoy SoM, and that this radical revisionism doesn’t seep into gameplay of other classic WoW servers (vanilla, TBC, wotlk or whatever else the future holds)

I’m still team #nochanges and always have been, because my view is that the imperfections truly make classic great.


Solid changes Blizz, keep up the work. You are getting closer and closer to a really great iteration of Classic


You could have nerfed mage boosting without screwing over people coming back to help out some lower level friends in a legit manor. Something like xp gained if more than 5 mobs engaged = 1 would have done the trick.

Good job removing world buffs from raids though.


How about DM tribute hunter soloing? That’s still a big GPH money maker.


Good changes, I’m so excited for SoM! Met a few people in TBC who will also be playing SoM, always more fun to play with friends :heart:

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didn’t you read? they also said they are nerfing the ZF mobs drops etc.

Why not just play the game themselves? Instead of having someone “help” them level. It’s faster, there is no point to getting that help in the first place.


You can still aoe grind for xp as a leveling mage or Paladin.

No, world buffs are only good for people who don’t have a job or… things to do.


From this announcement today and from those who did the beta before in the past, what is your opinion on when SoM will be going live? Before the end of November?

thanksgiving week or the week before imo

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Your design philosophy for SoM is very contradictory. You wish to nerf mage-boosting and stuff while at the same time increasing xp rates across the board. Why not leave things the way it is, so that those who want to fast track to 60 have the option while the leveling process for those who wish to do the normal way unaltered?


Thanks, I plan on taking a few days off work when it goes live and thankfully don’t need to give too much notice. Hopefully they don’t give us like a one week notice or something lol.

ALSO, once their final changes come out, I’ll definitely be looking for any YouTube video on recommended gold farms if things continue to be tweaked. I just hope some people understand that we still need some farms if we want to save up for our 100% mount and also if gold buying/bots are fixed too, I assume the economy is going to be even harder to save up gold. Boosting definitely needed to go though! But hopefully they don’t make so many changes other class farms I heard about get affected too that don’t involve boosts. I remember when I first played vanilla I farmed essence of fire in crater for my gold farm lol. Super slow process.