Season of Mastery Beta Updates -- October 13

The Season of Mastery Beta is back online and available for testing. With today’s update to the Season of Mastery Beta, we’re now testing the following changes:

  • Player levels will now be capped at 45.
  • The “Adventure Awaits” buff now grants 40% increased experience from Quest turn-ins (was 25%).
  • Meeting Stones can now be used to summon appropriately-leveled party members for the associated dungeon(s).
  • There is now a PvP realm available.

As a reminder, the following planned Seasonal changes are not yet active in the Season of Mastery Beta, and will be tested in future Beta updates:

  • Increased Debuff and Buff limits.
  • Increased health for raid bosses.
  • Restored raid boss mechanics.
  • Removal of world buffs in raid instances.
  • Adjustments to curtail powerleveling and boosting.

Thank you!


Woot finally boys

No character clone to the PvP server. Classic!

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Hey Kaivax,

Can you please elaborate on how testing of “restored raid boss mechanics” will be done?

Are mechanics only being changed for MC? Will you let people create a level 60 toon to test raid mechanics?

Hopefully this isn’t a long Beta.


I bet 200 stygia that the pvp realm will be horde mode. Calling it now

They are rolling new stuff out each week. If it is tested it will be in the coming weeks. Beta usually lasts at least a month.

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that is all? that isn’t a lot of stuff. we need new stuff. new items and big changes so it doesn’t get STALE over and over every year.

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thats… interesting

So 40% from 25%, you obviously do not listen to your playerbase.


They do, just not to the minority QQers like you. Just boosting quest XP is great. It will force people to play WoW like it was ment to be. Not dungeon boosting with mages or spaming dungeons with cleave groups. Be in the word and quest while also it being quicker due to the 12month cycle.


without a doubt the vast majority that are going to play season of mastery would rather it was higher than 40% even. We’ve already had Vanilla, now classic and this is the third time thats meant to be fast paced and fly through content with a harder twist to it of less loot and more mechanics/boss health. leveling has 0 to do with season of mastery at all, there is still the main classic servers for that. They’re dead you say? For a reason.


Problem is the QQers you mention want to make SoM their new Classic Era since the current one is dead, so they want xp buffs removed and I bet they also want no changes at all :joy::joy::joy: They have their personal agenda when the truth is if they want Classic Era, it’s already there and they can go play it. SoM is meant to be different from it, that’s the whole point.

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I feel that you guys are not understanding well, why casuals were not able to raid at classic in 2019 release.

It is not the leveling speed, it is that no matter how fast you make leveling, that those who have the keys for raid spots, will alwas be faster than those that want to enter the door.

If you make it 40%, the casuals will still need 10 times longer to ding, if you make it 80% it will be 10 times longer, compared to the streamers and their followers.

You can not fix this unless you wait with releasing the raids. Open Classic SOM and let people level up for 2-3 months, then release the first raid. This is the only chance how you may get the result you desire.

We can see this well on era realms, casuals are now raiding there a lot, as the gatekeepers moved to TBC. It is a totally new scenario and fun for those with less time.

With SOM; you will not help casuals if you speed up the leveling process, they will still be miles ahead and once they may be rdy for MC, the majority will sit at AQ and not let them join as they lack experience and gear.

You make the same mistakes again and again, with retail you did boost leveling in such a way that casuals get to 60 in a few days time, but this doesnt change the fact that the gatekeepers and elite players still reach it faster and then demand things that a new level 60 just wont have.

At the same time, you keep making the game unplayable for those not interested in raids at all, but the quests. Remember why you added zones that level with the players in retail? Because people were fed up with grey quests, yet you introduce grey quests now as well at Classic.

From my point of view,

you should offer a SOM realm with premade 60 chars for raiders, who have everything they need to start out with dungeons and then they can hunt for their world first kills.

A second realm should be the untouched Vanilla version, where everyone starts at 0, with slow leveling and community building.

You give both types of players a chance to enjoy their game, instead of making a knee jerk move that doesnt fix any of your problems.


People will be raiding MC until the end of SoM for bindings and Rag items. You will not be left behind. Most raids take literally anyone to MC to fill the 40man raid.

Literally not even something to worry about. And I would say that Casuals won’t get to AQ40 or Naxx unless they raid with a guild consistently which a casual usually doesn’t do. But you will easily PUG MC and BWL.


I’m confused. I thought this was something the team found interesting and positive. Especially for those with alts and gold to burn. This just seems like a strange way to get involved with the player community and how players want to play.

no one found mage boosting to be good lol


Boosting was one of the major issues people had with classic, right up there with bots, gold buying and world buffs. Getting rid of boosting just so happens to also help reduce gold buying and bots.


For starters, mage boosting was only a problem when it was done by bots not people, and when you decided to level via dungeons late to the game when most were already at 60 with at least one toon. Legitimate boosting caused no problems other than being frustrating to those that couldn’t afford it. There were issues (gold buying) that were separate from mage boosting.

Secondly, this language can equally be taken as “leveling via dungeon spam groups will be abolished.” Which is power leveling. Same with AoE grinding out in the world, which was not solely reserved to mages.

That’s right, it reduces the boosting meta but unless they turn up quest xp way higher than 40% boosting will still be the way to go as it is just easier to sit there in a dungeon and watch Netflix than it is to actually go out and do quests, even if it does become marginally slower it would need to be drastically so to see any change to boosting on the XP side so if 25% wasn’t enough and we’re trying 40% now let’s just go all the way. 100% and double the xp from quest turn ins. Sure you’ll only quest through half a zone but hey you probably won’t have to swap back and forth doing the lower level part of a zone then coming back for the higher level part. Of course when you go to a new zone you may need to do some Gray quests so you can get the higher level ones but it’s not like people read the quest text or care about questing it’s all just to get to the end game and raid.

I don’t know. This comes across far wider reaching than “Let’s break mage dungeon boosting.”