Season of discovery hunter is amazing

-Lone wolf is viable and so fun to have a break from pet micro management in classic.
-Melee hunter can 2v1 rogues and warriors
-Trap shooter is fantastic on BM\MM
-BM is scary- SUPER scary during Bestial Wraith

Only bad thing i can think of is on MM you dont bother aimshotting in pvp because its cast time is too long for its damage output and puts you in danger.

Prob the most fun i have had on hunter since legion. If you had a break from hunter last phase, def try it out in phase 2 because it has improved with talents and runes. Its fantastic.


There was a time many many moons ago when Aimed Shot was the second best nuke in ths game.


I’m level 6 in Mulgore. I got Chimera Shot and it’s definitely a quick picker-upper. I’m looking forward to locating Lone Wolf.

Counter argument: the gameplay is exceptionally simplistic and void of depth and it results in an experience that’s more about the grind/preparation than the actual content. Often the best runes are the passive ones that only increase your damage and don’t change your gameplay so you’re just playing classic era Hunter with more damage.

You get far more interesting gameplay out of the class in WotLK let alone Retail.


The way we are going, by the time we hit 60 with all the runes it will nearly be WOTLK!


How’s JAB sleeping these days? He thought we didn’t want it, but we actually did, and we’re getting more of it.

Wotlk is the worst hunter has ever been, explosive trap is awful gameplay. TBC is by far peak hunter

L take. Hunter in WotLK was an improvement across the board; most significantly because it got actual engaging gameplay instead of BC’s standing still and turreting Steady Shot/Auto Shot from boss health 100% to 0%.


TBC had the best if you were trying to melee weave and even if you weren’t the rotation felt tight with a high skill flooring especially while trying to keep the pet alive. WOTLK is trash for hunters cus you’re bent around trying to make explosive trap work with the single worst hitbox—the trap can be clipping into the boss and won’t activate. Explosive shot is fine but not as good as it will evolve into with cleave. I absolutely would die on this hill I have never gotten as sick of an ability as I have for explosive trap

LOL “high skill floor”. It was an absolutely brain-dead rotation of Steady Shot and Auto Shot. Oh, wow, you got a haste buff and now you might include an Arcane Shot here or a Multi-Shot there, and you might even melee weave… or you could ignore that and still pull stellar DPS with a static Steady Shot/Auto-Shot weave. If you want to spice it up, spec Survival to do the exact same thing but 20% slower and a passive raid buff, or Marksmanship if you want to do the exact same thing but with 20% less DPS and a crappier raid buff. Your entire existence, no matter your spec, revolved around whichever auto shot timer mod you installed. Make sure you never move because you don’t want to delay those Steady Shot casts or Auto Shot swings!

TBC Hunter was the worst combination of unintuitive and boring: it was unintuitive because the proper way to play the spec due to the quirks and oversights of Hunter design (e.g. abilities clipping auto shots, most of the toolkit having terrible tuning/scaling other than Steady Shot) was not at all evident to the player unless they looked at a guide, at which point they got to engage with some of the most half-baked and uninspired gameplay the class has ever seen.

Meanwhile, WotLK for its faults at least has innovative changes and an engaging rotation, with notable gameplay differences between the specs. Here’s a revelation: I don’t even like trap weaving. I fully get the hitbox annoyance. However I’d prefer having to weave a trap every 30 secs than having to camp right next to melee the whole time to fit in Raptor Strikes in the gaps between the eternal Steady Shot/Auto Shot weave. And if I really, really didn’t like traps, I could spec trapless MM and still do within 10% of the same DPS. And now that we have Trap Launcher it’s mostly a non-issue. It’s certainly much more interesting and useful for Explosive Shot to be powerful than using our own copy-paste Heroic Strike and having to play some pseudo-melee nonsense.

Yes you would die on this hill which is funny because it’s incorrect. You probably just like BC Hunter because it was static, easy, and did top DPS: higher relative DPS v.s. the rest of the game. Cool preference but some of us prefer engaging gameplay.


Yes you are correct SoD hunter is the best iteration of hunter to ever exist melee hunter is the most fun I’ve ever had!

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Thrilling gameplay, huh?

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seems lik it

That’s damage, not gameplay.


Can’t tell if meant to be sarcasm. Really, really hoping it is.

The video is of someone CCing an enemy (Wyvern), dropping a trap (Icy), hitting a single melee skill (Flanking Strike) to take out half the enemy’s health in a castless global, and then following up with whatever until the enemy is quickly and almost unavoidably killed, all while consistently cackling like an unstable child.

That is not compelling gameplay. It’s a brokenly overpowered skill with 2 GCDs of basically uncontestable setup.

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To Classic players, pressing 1 button over and over to top DPS is genuinely compelling gameplay.

I don’t want to believe this.

If you have (even more overwhelming amounts of) compelling evidence, please don’t show it to me.

I like my scrap of hope to the contrary.

Very thrilling, I’m having the time of my life hopefully they make it to where all hunter specs can have a melee variant in retail!

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Did you play TBC, the rotation WAS the best iteration of hunter. When your haste levels were high you were pressing buttons every half second extremely easy to clip. Melee weaving is the single most engaging hard-to-master spec in the entire history of WoW classes and very easy to mess it up with how fast the gameplay was. Doing things like keeping the pet alive during the fish boss in SSC was a fun way to master the class. You could just spam steady shot and do “decent” dmg but I would CRUSH those hunters in the damage meters the skill floor was a lot more noticeable it absolutely was not “easy.” WOTLK hunter has been dreadful explosive trap absolutely does ruin it and yeah it was more fun prior to trap launcher because doing tight movement in and out was a way to differentiate between a good hunter and a bad hunter, but even then it wasn’t great. Explosive Shot is only good because of the 3-2-3 rotation. I don’t really see any argument for why wotlk is more engaging for hunter.

Also it’s just a fallacy to say you could just go MM and not have to deal with explosive trap, you’re using explosive trap regardless of the spec if you want to do good dmg. And MM is boring anyways unfortunately

this shouldn’t be new information, 1 to 2 button gameplay is half the reason people like to play classic