Season of Discovery Hotfixes - July 17

are you serious?

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Oh man. I hope they have some nice surprises in store for phase 4. Waiting almost 2 weeks just to have a slight change to Efflorescence seems cruddy.

Warrior and rogue nerf when?

If melee hunter was doing to much damage, so were they.

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"Darkmoon faire now spawns in both Mulgore and Elewynn , with one week off in between fairs. " Bis change

Summon bots are in shambles

June 3, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Addressed an issue that caused quest “Goblin Solutions” to sneakily steal extra mines from you.

No class adjustments?

Bittersweet imo. Would be nice to have the game be a bit fresh again, but on the other hand, no class adjustments likely means that a P4 announcement will be here soon

I didnt even know this quest existed! Thanks for the update!

Whats the latest on clerics?

July 10, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • The 6-hour wait between applications of Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer and Warchief's Blessing has been reduced to 1 minute.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rolling Thunder rune where it only worked if you also had the Shield Mastery rune equipped. That requirement was accidental and is now removed.
  • Alchemists specialized in Mixology and Transmutation will now always get at least 1 extra resource produced by their specialized recipes. The maximum received from a single recipe is still 4.
  • Main Gauche will now always apply its discount to Sinister Strike, even if the ability does not land. Both of Main Gauche's buffs will now be removed when the rune is removed.
  • All non-Elite, non-Boss enemies in Nightmare Incursions now have health and damage values the same as a standard creature of their level. Previously, most had 50% more damage and health. Experience values for these enemies has been reduced by 33% in most cases, which is still more than standard creatures.
  • Pattern: Leather-Reinforced Runecloth Bag (18 slots) is now available for Undermine Real.
  • Bottomless Bag and Onyxia Hide Backpack now have 20 slots.

Well thanks for doing that right after I burn my transmute cooldown

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RIP to those that kept their Xmutes going during p3. Inc 1/2 price or less Arcanite Bars now & full price crystals. My 50 bars could have been 100 :frowning: … On the positive side… 25 CDs to go.

Why is the worldbuff change slated as a SoD change but it’s currently in era?

I hate this change to alchemy. What a stupid thing to do that massively screws over people who were diligently making arcanite on cooldown.

Also, because of the unpopularity and length of phase 3, the elixir supply is already incredibly high. There wasn’t as large of a playerbase as the previous phases to be consuming them, so there’s already a massive backstock from phase 3, and now we are going into a new phase with guaranteed 2x procs meaning that supply is only ever going to continue growing. We will never see parity on raid consumables again with this. Thanks Blizzard. I don’t know what kinda crowd was clamoring for this, but I am sure happy you catered to their demands.

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Do blizz just not bother posting here anymore? :star_struck:

July 15, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Activities involving Reginald Windsor event in Stormwind Keep should now complete more reliably when Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Lady Katrana Prestor, and Reginald Windsor are all alive.
  • Hellscream’s Phantom should now respawn after an unsuccessful attempt.
  • Fixed some ring engravings so that all the benefitting classes can learn them:
    • Arcane Specialization: Now learnable by Druid and Hunter (was only Mage).
    • Defense: Now learnable by Rogue, Warlock, Warrior, Paladin, and Shaman (was only Druid).
    • Frost: Now learnable by Hunter (was only Mage).
  • The correct version of Necromantic Band now drops from the Death Knight Darkreaver in Scholomance.
  • The Ashenvale quests “Clear the Forest!” and “Repelling Invaders” have been scaled to level 60.
  • Fixed the health and damage of creatures inside Alterac Valley Battleground so that they align with outdoor world and dungeon creatures.
  • Fixed a bug in UBRS preventing Jed Runewatcher from spawning.
  • Increased the experience awarded by enemies in Demon Fall Canyon to brave adventurers who enter before reaching level 60.
  • The teleporter in Gnomeregan will no longer send you to Azshara. Oops.
  • Blackrock Eruption
    • The spawn rates of creatures for Blackrock Eruptions have been increased.
    • The Flamestone Cluster quest item required for the quest “Oh, Shiny!” has been added to other dark iron creatures in Searing Gorge as well. This is not reflected in the quest text.
    • The number of quest creatures required for some Blackrock Eruption quests has been reduced.
  • Druid
    • Improved Barkskin no longer erroneously requires Tree Form.
    • Improved Swipe combined with Blood Frenzy will no longer cause Druids to lose their combo points on their current target when Swipe (Cat) crits against a target other than their primary target.
  • Hunter
    • Hunters can now engrave both the Rune of Nature Specialization and the Rune of Fire Specialization.
    • Wyvern Strike will no longer return an ‘immune’ message against targets that are immune to its Bleed effect. It will now deal its direct damage, but not apply the Bleed.
  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue with Hallowed Ground that caused multiple Paladins using it to generate too many healing events.
    • Hallowed Ground will now calculate its healing correctly when wearing items with bonus healing effects.
    • Calculations for Sheath of Light now properly include the Attack Power multiplier from Vindication.
  • Priest
    • Void Zone will no longer pull enemies through the floor.
  • Shaman
    • Greater Ghost Wolf rune now works with Rolling Thunder rune discovery.
    • Lava Lash will now correctly gain bonus damage from the extended duration of Flametongue Weapon Rank 6.
  • Warrior
    • Sebastian Jurgens will now despawn for only 30 seconds after a player turns in “Bookin’ it Back”.
    • The quest item carried for “Bookin’ it Back” will now be pushed to players after they re-accept the quest “Guided Buoyancy Accelerant” will now be offered to players on Lost and Found who have completed “Poacher’s Den”.
    • “Infinite Midnight” should now always be completable at Khonsu.
  • Warlock
    • The number of charges on Shadowflame’s application of Shadow Vulnerability has been increased to 30 total charges (was 10).
    • Explorer Imps should now have an easier time traveling to the Legion prison-world Niskara.

Healers have no use for any of the offensive ring engravings, so it’d be nice if priests and mages could also benefit from the defense ring engraving.

Any chance Fire Immune mobs in dungeons like BRD could be looked at?

Kinds sucks as a lock tank where you have to DoT (Corruption and Agony), Shadow Cleave, Taunt on CD, and pray.

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Are the Alterac Valley changes already live? Or tomorrow’s reset?

Even worse in Scholo where there are mobs immune to all magic.