Season of Discovery Hotfixes - July 17

having 8 shams all with sham rage up vs like 1 or 2 paladins with seal of martyrdom is not comparable blizz. Horde have infinite mana…

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Stop buffing the base damage.

Buff the scaling.

I would rather it had a base damage of 1 at all levels and the scaling was buffed to compensate. This would also heavily nerf hunter bots efficiency at dungeon aoe farming.

Because as of right now with almost all the power of the ability in base damage, they can just have a bow and ammo and still do the farms at almost the same efficiency as a full bis hunter.

No rogues here talking about the changes cuz they’ve all quit playing already lol

spriest are going rampage on the open world its insane, the solution just transfer to a pve server rofl great job aggrend

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So weird as we had only 1 rogue in the two ten mans that merged to make our 20 man. Now we have 3 rogues as two people switched mains this phase. Cleared pre nerf too.

April 25, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Using an Unconscious Dig Rat no longer dismisses pets.
  • Mage
    • Displacement no longer functions if the most recent use of Blink was on a different continent or in a different instance.

Taking the discovery out of sod for mages.

Was interesting finding out where you could get to quickly with it.

Thanks for keeping us notified with hotfixes. May you hotfix

  • Gnomer last boss leave you stuck in combat; also gives 50 exp compared to several thousand the other bosses do
  • QOL for dying on coast of Arathi Highlands for every-class rune [No Honor Among Thieves] like allow ghosts to interact with the rowboat that teleports you from south arathi and teleport there, or add a GY to the quest giver?

This was something that should have been in intentionally as a feature and you removed it. One of the coolest things in SoD so far and right up the theme of discovery. Mages appearing in random places and getting lost in space due to teleportation magic.

I’m not even a mage and I’m more disappointed about this than any of the other broken promises from the team so far. Incredibly disappointing.


wow, great job on all the work fixing one thing in the last two full work days.

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No no no, it was unintentional. They then intentionally removed it.
Which means they didn’t want you to do that.

Glad I could help.

Still no updates for warriors…

There’s the fun police

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Sad, sad day

It was clearly badly coded so not surprising it was patched.

Fix a cool interesting thing to mess around with and discover all these weird vantage points. But yet you buff Spriest when they needed a nerf and made pvp even more miserable for everyone without a dispel. Cool.

When do the ranged hunter scaling buffs come in?

Rap scaling to fire traps and serpent sting.

If you want to put it onto a rune, tnt would be a good rune to replace with it.

Because it would then be replacing the pet scaling and focus fire as it would be the lone wolf option.

~10% rap scaling per tick of serpent sting, immolation trap, and explosive trap (not initial explosion damage, just the dot) on the rune should be enough to make it even out with the focus fire pet option, making lone wolf viable, giving hunters the scaling we want, and letting us have viable options between the runes and fixing the main issue long term.

grats, you had 3 rogues using daggers and mutilate as DPS.

Should have means something that didn’t happen but would have been better if it was the case.

Glad I could help.

Smartest forum hunter lmao. Try looking up what “should have” means.