Season of Discovery Hotfixes - July 17

You guys stealth nerfed shamans…admit it and add the changes here

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Ou excited for this.

Not going to lie this hasn’t been an issue for me until the last two days. But I showed up 15 minutes before event to start a 5 man group. And we were all literally on different layers. So we left group re joined, logged out, walked to Duskwood and back. Nothing fixed it so I ended up just having to solo, which honestly not worth Bc you get half the blood coins you would if in a 5 man.

Any news about the stv lumber quest?

Tried to do it and everytime my group is split.

Season of Discovery- “Play with your friends.”

Also Season of Discovery- “JK you cant play with your friends.”

February 16, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • Druid
    • Starsurge was incorrectly getting 30% additional critical strike chance when Eclipse (Lunar) was active. It now only gets 30% increased critical strike chance from Eclipse (Solar).
  • Hunter
    • Chimera Shot - Scorpid is now properly mitigated by Weapon Chains and reduction to Disarm effects.
  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue where Seal of Righteousness ranks 4 and higher did less damage than rank 3. This fix has been applied to Season of Discovery and Classic Era.
  • Priest
    • Spirit of Redemption will no longer be prevented from triggering for Priests whose Dispersion or Pain Suppression is on cooldown.
    • Each Priest now correctly creates their own separate stack of Mind Spike effects on the target, and consumes only their own stack.
    • Fixed an issue where Prayer of Mending was double dipping with Spiritual Healing, and was also increasing by 10% per bounce on top of that.
  • Shaman
    • Fixed an issue where the benefit of Dual Wield Specialization rune could be lost for Shamans when swapping weapon configurations.
    • Fixed an issue where Stormstrike would sometimes do offhand damage despite no offhand equipped.
    • The range on Decoy Totem is now the correctly intended 30 yards, matching the radius of its effect preventing movement impairment.
  • Warlock
    • Subjugate Demon used against players in Metamorphosis now has a 10 second duration, with diminishing duration like other crowd-control effects used on players. It is considered a Charm effect like Mind Control.
  • Stranglethorn Vale PvP Event
    • Warlocks and Hunters participating in the Blood Moon will now resurrect with their last active pet.
    • Fixed an interaction with Blood Moon and Spirit of Redemption resurrecting the fallen Priest earlier than intended.
    • Fixed an issue with Blood Coin turn-ins when a player is the victim of Subjugate Demon or Mind Control.
    • Drained of Blood during the Blood Moon event now also grants immunity to movement impairing effects.
    • Fixed an issue where stacks of Blood for the Blood Loa could sometimes exceed the intended 255.
    • The Chosen of the Blood Loa will now be visible in the spirit world.

Undocumented change.

Sigil of Innovation, the epic enchanting recipe from Gnomeregan, now takes 5 Vision Dust rather than 3 Dream Dust. Fantastic change. Thank you.

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Thank You!!!

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nerf to spriest? paladin buffs? hello?

fkn YES! Finally I might be able to enjoy STV lol

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Lol BM hunter damage? They’re in the bottom 4

Ah yes please more Boomy nerfs thanks Bliz!!!

How about we address the other obviously broken classes and leave the boomchickens alone for a bit…

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Not to mention the fact that we need to wait until Tuesday for you to fix the known Starfire bug but you somehow have time to fix this??

Do you even look at other classes?!

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Thanks for ruining druids bliz, you continue to make druids not fun while other classes are over scaled…but please keep hurting druids

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Keep crying, that’s how they nerfed us hunters weekly

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Hunters would get nerfed and the next day there would be another OP option. Not even close to comparable at this point.

Ill book mark this for when they gut you again :slight_smile:

“Keep crying”.

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Had to edit and spell check that one huh? kek

Stranglethorn Vale PvP Event
Next step is to take this out of the game. Thanks

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mage will eventually be able to craft a reasonable amount of water right?

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