Season of Discovery Hotfixes - July 17

April 3, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Fixed an issue with the Spirit of Zandalar buff given out by turning in the “Heart of Hakkar” quest not being granted to players in Booty Bay.
  • The quest “Salvaging the Salvagematic” can once again be picked up from Ziri Littlesprocket after completing the “Salvagematic 9000” quest.

April 2, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Blood Moon event from working properly.
  • Hunter
    • Fixed an issue where the Frenzy tooltip on the master Hunter now correctly shows 6% instead of the incorrect 40%. This has no effect on the actual damage done by the pet.
  • Shaman
    • Electromantic Caster Mail set – Reduced Lightning Bolt cast time reduction to 0.1 seconds (was 0.2 seconds).
      • Developer’s note: This set bonus was really strong and resulted in 10% more Lightning Bolts. We’ve reduced the cast time reduction to avoid the possibility of this older set bonus not being replaced with later Phase 3 gear.
    • Fixed an issue with Way of Earth that caused it to continually trigger the global cooldown while dual-wielding.
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Translation: We wanted Elemental to be weaker until they get the Sunken Temple 3 piece set.

Great, thanks, couldn’t wait the 3 weeks or so it would take to grind ST enough to get the 3 piece from there?

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Still no fix to the absolutely horrible ranged hunter scaling i see.

Just spell and melee or just melee?


Last i looked at it a few weeks ago it only effected spells and melee crit for its on use effect.

Seems they finally updated it to effect ranged attacks for p3… though based on the wording i wouldnt be suprised if it still didn’t effect ranged attacks.

April 4, 2024
Season of Discovery

  • Players can now correctly activate their other talent specialization while under the effects of the preparation aura in Battlegrounds.
  • Druid
    • Efflorescence will now work properly when Swiftmend is used on a guardian or pet belonging to a party member.
  • Shaman
    • Healing Rain can no longer be cast when targeted a non-player (as intended in its text).
  • Nightmare Incursions
    • Vengeful Ancient and Doomkin are now categorized Elite (was Rare Elite).
    • Credit for defeating Larsera, Florius, Ylanthrius, and Tyrannikus is now awarded cross-faction.
  • The Blood Moon
    • Zanzil the Outcast
      • Ward of Zanzil will now despawn after 30 seconds, summon a reduced number of zombie skeletons, and will be recast less frequently.
      • Ward of Zanza no longer has totem immunities, and Zombies will despawn after a short period of time.
    • The Crystal Shore Blood Moon graveyard is now farther north.

April 5, 2024
Season of Discovery

  • Fixed issues around the Leatherworking Wild Leather Vest and Way of the Weaponsmith
  • The Rugged Traveler will now also despawn if greater than two players enter the quest area.
  • Level 50 players who are Exalted with the Arathi Basin reputations can now complete the battleground quests usually reserved for level 60 allowing them to obtain their Exalted reputation tabards.
  • The Sunken Temple
    • Significant adjustments were made to trash and boss health. Please note: In order for these health adjustments to take effect you will need to soft reset your instance. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
      • Developer’s note: When developing and tuning the Sunken Temple raid encounters, we had concerns about player power going into Phase 3 so we aimed high when tuning enemy health. We feel that we aimed too high and have recently deployed a hotfix that lowers the health of all enemies and bosses within the Sunken Temple to help ensure this content remains accessible to all players. We’ll be watching progress closely and making additional adjustments as needed in the coming days.
    • Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent Dreamscythe and Weaver from spawning. Affected players may need to leave the instance and Reset All Instances before it takes effect.
  • Nightmare Incursions
    • Nightmare Incursion Quartermasters can now repair gear.
    • Quest objects in the Nightmare Incursions no longer require a cast time to open.
    • Drakes’ Corrosive Acid Breath now deals more reasonable damage when coming to the aid of Nightmare Incursion dragons.
    • Satyrs’ Plagued Shot damage has been reduced and the cast time has been increased.
    • Plagued Shot now has a minimum range like hunter ranged abilities.
    • The total gold rewards for Nightmare Incursions elite missions have been reduced by roughly 30%.
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Hey Linxy,

I haven’t gotten into Sunken Temple just yet but I was wondering if the bosses there could provide Emerald Warden Rep much like most raids in Classic do (exceptions being BWL and Onyxia).

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Any point in fixing Way of the Weaponsmith issues anyway? Not like new SoD gear would ever require Armor smithing or weapon smithing anyway. Just give them another piece of plate under normal blacksmith instead. Big brain.

Sarcasm brought to you by a disgruntled player who assumed you’d make Weaponsmithing relevant this time around in Classic.

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Any plans on making tnt not a worthless rune?

It would be better if it just added .2 rap scaling to the abilities it effects over 10% flat damage that only effects base damage and changes explosive shot to a 0.11 rap scaling from 0.10… is it so hard to give hunters ANYTHING to improve scaling…


Any word or fix on rogues still not receiving combo points with Honor Among Thieves?? Completely buggy - works for 2 min and then just doesn’t.

66%, there, fixed it for you.

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it is not, however it is impossible for Blizzard to put their publisher pants on and push back towards all the mediocre PVP players that cant stand hunters, specially ranged being a real menace whining all over the forum.

How hard is it to give rap scaling to dot damage and keep hunter burst the same?

Rap scaling to serpent sting and fire traps when using chimera shot rune and trap launcher rune. Reduce chimera shot damage from serpent sting to 15-20% to keep burst damage about the same.

Pve dps goes up, pvp burst stays the same and hunter dot damage has clear counterplay with being dispellable as posion and magic debuffs by both healers and available consumables.

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I agree with you mate, I am just expressing why they do nothing about it. That or they just plain hate hunters…

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Some of the pickup quests such as prophecy (viii) and engine , keep bugging ever since day 1. Are you going to fix this? Why have cooldowns on sharing quests?

Wild Leather Vests is still broken. It is not showing credit for making the gloves.

I just figured this out. You have to repurchase the plans to make the gloves, as the item created in the recipe has now been changed (stats are different). So I can now make two different types of the same item.

You forgot to fix warriors… ALL OF SOD.

Well they forgot to nerf warriors all of classic so its making up for them being broken on the other side of the broken scale.