Season of Discovery Hotfixes - July 17

i really liked the hotfixes

I appreciate the changes so far but please buff non dagger rogues :slight_smile:


Too baf the seal of righteousness effect currently is only useful for holy/prot paladins simlnce ret would lose out on Vengeance if we spec into holy this phase.

Why arent the prices decreased for the engi grenades?!?!

100% agreed

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March 12, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • Class restrictions on Arathi Basin reputation armor rewards have been lifted on all Classic Era and Season of Discovery realms.
  • Fixed a bug causing Blood for the Blood Loa stacks to not be exchanged when the battle is not active.
  • Hunter
    • Steady Shot damage increased to 75% weapon damage (was 60%).
    • Rune of the Trapper icon should no longer be a question mark.
  • Mage
    • Living Flame movement speed adjusted to 86% of normal player movement speed (was 100%).
    • Living Flame duration reduced 10 seconds (was 20 seconds)
    • Living Flame cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (was 60 seconds).
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Do you really think these are the only necessary changes?

The game is plagued with a healer issue - yet the only one that continues to be viable is priest.


Oof that nerf to living flame is even worse…


Hey great notes blizz. Excellent Job just take a look at Mildly Irradiated Potion because the debuff is really bad.


whoever decided the living flame change without buffing arcane at all should be fired, meanwhile in other news, shamans are broken at all levels in pve &pvp , and warlocks eating good with 3 button rotation #1 dps (spam incinerate, chaos bolt on CD, keep immolate dot up). Yup its all good…


Don’t worry shamans will see their day.

I mean how long can they ignore the data?

Tanks topping the meters and being by far the best class in game for pvp.

It almost seems like theyre killing sod on purpose to push cata/retail. We shall see.


I called it. The moment I switch to mage, the nerfs start rolling. My previous mains being feral druid, ret pally, and rogue. I’m on a hot streak.

Which class should I play next? Who wants to be nerfed next?


What nerf lol

honestly debating on just raid logging a single toon in SOD at this point, super dumb changes 90% of the time

Please roll shaman next.


travel time for living flame, + 4 AB stacks for Living flame, prob going to be reduced to 3 for optimal uptime, Fire is just a 10%sh nerf. Because you now cast it twice as much, and it takes longer to reach its target, therefore LF is a rather huge nerf specially for fire which is already hurting for mana.

Warrior please. It’d be too funny not to. I’ve got my swim trunks ready.

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It needing to do the travel time twice now meant it already lost some uptime, but with them also nerfing it’s speed the uptime got hit even harder.

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Based on these very minimal changes, I think we are not getting any more major nerfs/buffs until phase 3.


icy veins bis now?