Season of Discovery Hotfixes - July 17


July 22, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Devilsaur gauntlets should no longer require core leather. They now require 12 Devilsaur leather and 8 Essence of Fire in addition to their other existing mats. Devilsaur leggings should now require 20 Devilsaur leather and 10 Essence of fire in addition to their other mats.
  • Made some improvements to the respawn rate of mobs and quest objects on Alcaz Island.
  • The Chipped Drakefire Amulet and Valor of Azeroth spell book are now available from Squire Rowe in Stormwind and Eitrigg in Orgrimmar for players who have completed the Onyxia quest chain.
  • Gift of Gob will no longer cancel on stealth.
  • Made some improvements to Bolvar Fordragon’s respawn time.
  • Zor Lonetree’s wares are available while completing Rune discoveries.
  • Corrected the stats on the Old Guard Retaliator.
  • Darkmoon Card: Sandstorm will no longer ignore line-of-sight.
  • Quests from Zalgo the Explorer no longer erroneously give Zandalar Tribe reputation. They now give reputation for the Emerald Wardens up to friendly 5999/6000. These quests will always reward the same amount of reputation based on level.
  • All runes sold by the Emerald Wardens quartermasters no longer require reputation to purchase. Catnip and Wolfshead Trophy no longer require Emerald Wardens reputation to purchase.
  • “The Lost Tablets of Mosh’aru” should now be completable if you’ve previously completed “The God Hakkar”.
  • In Nightmare Incursions, Ghamoo-Raja will now leash and no longer has infinite range on certain attacks.
  • Hunter
    • Explosive Shot will no longer ignore line-of-sight.
    • Fixed an issue with Lethal Shots that made it stop working after death until the Hunter re-equips their ranged weapon.
  • Mage
    • Presence of Mind will no longer be removed from the Mage without successfully casting Chronostatic Preservation.
  • Rogue
    • When the Carnage rune is engraved, Crimson Tempest will now correctly apply Carnage to all enemies struck by the DoT.
  • Shaman
    • Clearcasting will now correctly be consumed if you have 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon and you cast a non-Maelstrom Weapon empowered spell.
    • Totem of Earthen Vitality will no longer activate when the Shaman is merely struck.
    • Overcharged will no longer ignore line-of-sight.
  • Warlock
    • Master Channeler’s Drain Life will no longer prematurely end vs. large enemies like Lord Kazzak.
    • Mark of Chaos will no longer fail to refresh if the target has Curse of the Elements or Curse of Shadows active on them.
    • Curse of the Elements and Curse of Shadows will now return ‘A more powerful spell is already active.’
  • Warrior
    • Bosses in dungeons are now always immune to Meathook as intended.

July 17, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • The tooltip for the Draconic Infused Emblem is now correct. The spell effect is not changed.
  • Blackrock Eruption
    • The Drained of Blood aura from the Stranglethorn Vale PvP event is now applied when participating in the Blackrock Mountain PvP event. This applies to players exiting instances in Blackrock Mountain.
  • Druid
    • Flame Wrath has been redesigned with a lower spell power ratio on the Thorns portion of the proc and an internal cooldown for Feral Druids.
  • Hunter
    • Trap Launcher will no longer augment Frost Trap.
      • Developers’ notes: A Trap Launcher version of Frost Trap has only existed in versions of WoW in which mobility and freedom effects were more plentiful. Without them, the safety and agency a 9-15 second ranged Frost Trap grants Hunters is simply too much. We’re making it so that Hunters either need to put themselves at risk in order to place a Frost Trap or have someone engage on them to trigger it.
  • Mage
    • Conjure Water Rank 7 will now create 20 water per cast. The tooltip may not reflect this change for a while.
    • All ranks of Mana Shield will no longer stack when Advanced Warding is engraved.
    • All ranks of Advanced Warding’s Mana Shield are now canceled when the rune is unequipped or when someone absorbs damage and the caster no longer has the rune equipped.
    • All ranks of Mana Shield are removed when the Advanced Warding Rune is equipped.
  • Shaman
    • Burn will now persist through death and not require you to recast Flametongue Weapon again.
  • Warlock
    • Fel Rift spawn rates have increased.
    • The chance of finding Legion Portal Tuners and associated tools has increased.
    • Rune of Decimation is now guaranteed from an overcharged portal.

July 16, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Demon Fall Canyon
    • Possibly due to “Demonic Deceptions”, the Owlbeasts of Winterspring have attended a guided meditation retreat, expanding their pineal glands.
    • Zilbagob will now always be accessible when The Destructor's Wraith and Grimroot have been defeated.
  • Items
    • A new item -- Hand of Injustice -- is now available from Pix Xizzix, the Undermine Real vendor.
    • Added new shield enchant that grants 30 spell power and 55 healing power – Law of Nature. Available to learn for Enchanters. The pattern is available from Timbermaw Hold at Revered.
    • Added a temporary shield enchantment that grants 24 spell power, much like wizard oil -- Conductive Shield Coating. Available to learn for Enchanters. The pattern is available from Thorium Brotherhood at Honored.
    • Drinkable Stratholme Holy Water from Argent Dawn reputation will now recover 6618 mana over 30 seconds and will also grant 10 per Holy Water turned-in.
    • The Pattern: Embroidered Belt of the Archmage can now correctly be consumed by Tailors.
    • The Leather-Reinforced Runecloth Bag's materials have changed from requiring a Runecloth Bag to requiring the materials for the Runecloth Bag craft itself.
  • Quests
    • The quests “More Greater Moonstones” and “More Moondragon Scales” now have the correct item requirements to complete.
    • Players who were unable to fully access Mokvar and Deliana's Tier 0.5 exchange vendor options should now have full access if they have completed the corresponding quests:
      • “An Earnest Proposition” - Bracer
      • “Just Compensation” - Belt, Gloves
      • “Anthion's Parting Words” - Boots, Legs, Shoulders
      • “Saving the Best for Last” - Helm, Chest
      • A Nearby Kor'kron Elite and Ironforge Guard will also provide access to these vendor lists if Mokvar or Deliana are occupied.
  • Druid
    • Nourish will now benefit from, and consume Omen of Clarity's Clearcasting effect.
      • Developers’ notes: Unlike in Cataclysm, Nourish in SoD has more upsides to it than just the mana cost - like the casting speed. So it makes sense for it to benefit from Clearcasting and to consume it as well.
  • Hunter
    • If you have have Lone Wolf engraved on your gear, spirit healers in battlegrounds will no longer resurrect your pet alongside you.
  • Mage
    • Presence of Mind now causes Chronostatic Preservation to instantly cast the Healing Portion of the spell, even if you did not have the buff active.
    • Presence of Mind is not consumed if Chronostatic Preservation's buff was already present and a release of the heal is used. This means you can Chronostatic Preservation pre-cast, use PoM, and release two Chronostatic Preservation casts back-to-back.
    • Ice Armor and Frost Armor will no longer proc Brain Freeze.
    • Brain Freeze and Hot Streak will no longer overwrite each other and can now both exist on a character at the same time.
    • Your Arcane Missiles will correctly have their cost reduced when both Missile Barrage and Brain Freeze are active at the same time.
    • If Hot Streak is gained while already casting Pyroblast, it will no longer be consumed. This can result in two free Pyroblasts back-to-back.
    • Frozen Orb will no longer despawn early if cast near a wall.
    • Arcane Barrage will now correctly interact with the Shatter talent when your target is Frozen or you have Fingers of Frost active.
    • Frozen Orb will now benefit from the Shatter talent if the target is Frozen.
      • Developers’ notes: Because Fingers of Frost is applied through Frozen Orb and would be consumed quickly by it, Frozen Orb does not consume or benefit from Fingers of Frost.
  • Paladin
    • Inspiration Exemplar will no longer cause the player to stand up every tick.
  • Priest
    • Binding Heal will now correctly consume Surge of Light.
    • Void Zone will no longer return a 'no path available’ error.
  • Shaman
    • Storm, Earth, and Fire's Earthbind Totem effect will now correctly hit every target instead of just one.
    • Shamans will no longer gain charges of Lightning Shield from Rolling Thunder when the rune is not equipped.
  • Warlock
    • Mark of Chaos will no longer fall off after 1 minute when Curse of Recklessness or Curse of Weakness is used.
    • Rune of Infernal Armor now drops for players even if they haven't previously completed discovery for Rune of Shadowflames.
  • Warrior
    • “Rift Away” can now be obtained at level 55.
    • Khonsu's fall catcher mechanism for Thunder Stomped players should be slightly better at rescuing them.

July 15, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Activities involving Reginald Windsor event in Stormwind Keep should now complete more reliably when Highlord Bolvar Fordragon, Lady Katrana Prestor, and Reginald Windsor are all alive.
  • Hellscream’s Phantom should now respawn after an unsuccessful attempt.
  • Fixed some ring engravings so that all the benefitting classes can learn them:
    • Arcane Specialization: Now learnable by Druid and Hunter (was only Mage).
    • Defense: Now learnable by Rogue, Warlock, Warrior, Paladin, and Shaman (was only Druid).
    • Frost: Now learnable by Hunter (was only Mage).
  • The correct version of Necromantic Band now drops from the Death Knight Darkreaver in Scholomance.
  • The Ashenvale quests “Clear the Forest!” and “Repelling Invaders” have been scaled to level 60.
  • Fixed the health and damage of creatures inside Alterac Valley Battleground so that they align with outdoor world and dungeon creatures.
  • Fixed a bug in UBRS preventing Jed Runewatcher from spawning.
  • Increased the experience awarded by enemies in Demon Fall Canyon to brave adventurers who enter before reaching level 60.
  • The teleporter in Gnomeregan will no longer send you to Azshara. Oops.
  • Blackrock Eruption
    • The spawn rates of creatures for Blackrock Eruptions have been increased.
    • The Flamestone Cluster quest item required for the quest “Oh, Shiny!” has been added to other dark iron creatures in Searing Gorge as well. This is not reflected in the quest text.
    • The number of quest creatures required for some Blackrock Eruption quests has been reduced.
  • Druid
    • Improved Barkskin no longer erroneously requires Tree Form.
    • Improved Swipe combined with Blood Frenzy will no longer cause Druids to lose their combo points on their current target when Swipe (Cat) crits against a target other than their primary target.
  • Hunter
    • Hunters can now engrave both the Rune of Nature Specialization and the Rune of Fire Specialization.
    • Wyvern Strike will no longer return an ‘immune’ message against targets that are immune to its Bleed effect. It will now deal its direct damage, but not apply the Bleed.
  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue with Hallowed Ground that caused multiple Paladins using it to generate too many healing events.
    • Hallowed Ground will now calculate its healing correctly when wearing items with bonus healing effects.
    • Calculations for Sheath of Light now properly include the Attack Power multiplier from Vindication.
  • Priest
    • Void Zone will no longer pull enemies through the floor.
  • Shaman
    • Greater Ghost Wolf rune now works with Rolling Thunder rune discovery.
    • Lava Lash will now correctly gain bonus damage from the extended duration of Flametongue Weapon Rank 6.
  • Warrior
    • Sebastian Jurgens will now despawn for only 30 seconds after a player turns in “Bookin’ it Back”.
    • The quest item carried for “Bookin’ it Back” will now be pushed to players after they re-accept the quest “Guided Buoyancy Accelerant” will now be offered to players on Lost and Found who have completed “Poacher’s Den”.
    • “Infinite Midnight” should now always be completable at Khonsu.
  • Warlock
    • The number of charges on Shadowflame’s application of Shadow Vulnerability has been increased to 30 total charges (was 10).
    • Explorer Imps should now have an easier time traveling to the Legion prison-world Niskara.

July 10, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • The 6-hour wait between applications of Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer and Warchief's Blessing has been reduced to 1 minute.
  • Fixed an issue with the Rolling Thunder rune where it only worked if you also had the Shield Mastery rune equipped. That requirement was accidental and is now removed.
  • Alchemists specialized in Mixology and Transmutation will now always get at least 1 extra resource produced by their specialized recipes. The maximum received from a single recipe is still 4.
  • Main Gauche will now always apply its discount to Sinister Strike, even if the ability does not land. Both of Main Gauche's buffs will now be removed when the rune is removed.
  • All non-Elite, non-Boss enemies in Nightmare Incursions now have health and damage values the same as a standard creature of their level. Previously, most had 50% more damage and health. Experience values for these enemies has been reduced by 33% in most cases, which is still more than standard creatures.
  • Pattern: Leather-Reinforced Runecloth Bag (18 slots) is now available for Undermine Real.
  • Bottomless Bag and Onyxia Hide Backpack now have 20 slots.

June 3, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Addressed an issue that caused quest “Goblin Solutions” to sneakily steal extra mines from you.

May 8, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Fixed an issue with Efflorescence generating frequent immune messages on totems.

April 30, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Hunter
    • Raptor Fury now increases the damage done of Raptor strike and Mongoose Bite by 10% per stack (was 15%).
    • The Beast Mastery rune now increases pet damage by 10% (was 20%).
  • Shaman
    • The Burn rune now also grants a significant bonus to spell power when Flametongue Weapon is imbued on your weapon.
    • Rolling Thunder now has a 50% chance to trigger (was 30%).
    • Fixed a bug causing overload procs to not add a charge to Lightning Shield when the Shaman has the Rolling Thunder rune active.
  • Warlock
    • Invocation now also applies to Unstable Affliction.
    • Invocation damage can now deal critical strikes if the Warlock also has the Pandemic rune active.

April 29, 2024
Season of Discovery

  • Shaman
    • Rolling Thunder can now trigger from Overload versions of Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning.
  • Warlock
    • Felguards summoned by Warlocks will now have their appropriate demon names, instead of just ‘Felguard’. This name will not be permanent like other Warlock pets, and the Felguard’s name will change upon every summon.

April 25, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Using an Unconscious Dig Rat no longer dismisses pets.
  • Mage
    • Displacement no longer functions if the most recent use of Blink was on a different continent or in a different instance.

April 23, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Players who have completed the quest “Warranty Claim” but have misplaced their Pristine G-7 C.O.R.E. Processor before handing in the quest “Salvaging the Salvagematic” may now speak with the Lost and Found vendor Rix Xizzix in Booty Bay to recover the misplaced quest item.
  • Fixed a Sunken Temple issue where the Atal’ai Defenders encounter would not reset properly.
  • Druid
    • The Natural Weapons talents now increases all damage done by druids in Season of Discovery, instead of just physical damage.
    • The Gale Winds rune now reduces the mana cost of Hurricane by 60%.
    • Swiftmend no longer consumes a Rejuvenation or Regrowth effect on the target when used.
    • Developers’ notes: Please note that it does still require Rejuvenation or Regrowth to be on the target to be used.
  • Hunter
    • Rapid Killing now reduces the cooldown of Rapid Fire by 80% (was a reduction of 2 minutes).
    • Chimera Shot weapon damage percent increased to 135% (was 120%).
    • Explosive Shot base damage before attack power increased by 50%.
    • Sniper Training has an additional new effect: while Sniper Training is at 5 stacks, Aimed Shot is instant.
    • Serpent Spread now causes Multi-shot to apply Serpent Sting to its targets for 12 seconds (was 6 seconds).
    • Steady Shot now deals 100% weapon damage (was 75%).
    • Developers’ notes: There are more adjustments coming for Hunters. In general, we intend to improve the ranged playstyle and diminish the melee playstyle so that the two become more equivalent.
  • Paladin
    • Seal of Righteousness damage can now be critical hits.
    • Sacred Shield’s duration is extended to 60 seconds (was 30 seconds).
    • Crusader Strike has now gained an additional effect: Crusader strike now refreshes all judgement effects active on the target to a 30 second remaining duration.
    • Seal of Martyrdom can now “twist” with other seals, including Seal of Command.
    • Developers’ notes: Seal twisting was an interesting emergent effect that became popular during the original Burning Crusade, that utilized the slower server messaging system used in early versions of WoW to slightly extend the duration of the paladin’s active seal for a short time whenever a second seal was cast. This effectively allowed paladins to momentarily gain the benefit of two seals at once if they timed the application of a new seal to line up perfectly just before their weapon swing. We recreated this playstyle in Burning Crusade Classic and since then it’s been a popular request in other versions of original WoW, including Season of Discovery. As the game matures and we continue to listen to player feedback however, we recognize that for some, this is part of the charm and uniqueness of playing a paladin during those early eras of WoW’s history. We consider this change to be experimental and we will watch the performance and behavior of Retribution closely after this change.
  • Priest
    • Shadowform now increases all shadow damage done by 25% (was 15%).
  • Rogue
    • Saber Slash bleed now stacks up to 5 times.
    • Saber Slash bleed now also increases the impact damage done by Sinister Strike and Saber Slash by 15% per stack for the rogue who applied the bleed.
    • Saber Slash bleed now deals 3% of the rogue’s Attack Power in damage per tick (was 5%).
  • Shaman
    • Mental Dexterity now only triggers from dealing damage with Stormstrike and Lava Lash, and it now lasts 30 seconds (was 10 seconds).
    • Burn now increases Flame Shock Damage by 100% and flame shock DoT duration by 6 seconds, and causes Flame Shock to strike up to 5 targets (was 3 targets).
    • Developers’ notes: We’ve received a lot of feedback about the overall usability of mental dexterity, particularly for Elemental Shamans. This ability was not intended to be used by elemental, so the adjustments we’ve made are to help ensure its usage is a bit more enhancement-centric. To compensate, we’ve increased the output and usability of the Burn rune, with a slight quality-of-life improvement in the form of a Flame Shock duration increase which allows two Lava Burst casts to be used within a single Flame Shock duration.

April 16, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • There are now Emerald Warden guard NPCs present near Nightmare Incursion questgivers and quartermasters.
  • The Atal’ai Mojo consumables are now Unique (2), allowing two to be carried and used.
  • There is now a 2.60 speed version of the off-hand weapon Serpent’s Striker, available from Zalgo the Explorer on Yojamba Isle in exchange for the 1.50 speed version of the item.
  • The drop rate of Nightmare Seeds in Sunken Temple has been increased by roughly 50%.
  • Sigil of Living Dreams no longer requires a Nightmare Seed.
  • Players should no longer occasionally gain no bonus blood when near Kha’damu and affected by Feast of Blood.
  • Players will now gain the Honorless Target effect whenever they enter or leave a Nightmare Incursion portal.
  • Rainbow Generator should now appear for troll, tauren, night elf, and all other races.
  • Grizzwerks Defense Industries has achieved record growth thanks to the efforts of adventurers across Azeroth, and Grizzby is now pleased to offer runes to heroes without requiring quests from them.
  • Druid
    • Starsurge no longer consumes Clearcasting procs from Omen of Clarity.
    • Skull Bash rune moved to the Hands slot (was the Leg slot).
    • Lacerate rune moved to the Leg slot (was Hands).
    • Lacerate threat increased substantially.
  • Hunter
    • Chimera Shot no longer refreshes Serpent Sting at 1 less damage per tick.
  • Mage
    • Impact can now be triggered by the damage from Molten Armor.
    • Deep Freeze will no longer deal damage to players who are temporarily Immune to stuns.
    • Deep Freeze can no longer be overwritten by an Impact stun, unless the new stun would be longer than the remaining duration on Deep Freeze.
      • Developers’ notes: Previously if you Deep Froze a target, and they were then hit with an Impact stun, you could accidentally overwrite a 5-second stun with a 2-second stun. Now you can’t overwrite it unless Deep Freeze is under 2 seconds.
  • Paladin
    • Light’s Grace rune moved to the Bracer slot (was Helm).
    • The mana return of Seal of Martyrdom has been increased significantly.
    • Eye for an Eye now works on damage-over-time crits.
  • Priest
    • Eye of the Void can no longer engage in melee combat.
    • Eye of the Void’s spells now all have a 35 yard range.
    • Surge of Light’s instant cast effect will no longer be consumed if Surge of Light was gained while casting Smite or Flash Heal.
    • Martyrdom now works to prevent pushback on Void Zone casts.
  • Rogue
    • Focused attacks now generates 3 additional energy (was 2).
  • Shaman
    • The Internal Cooldown for Overcharged has been increased to 3 seconds.
  • Warlock
    • Life tap now grants mana return to warlock pets.
    • Unstable Affliction’s damage has been increased by roughly 120%.
    • Warlocks with Metamorphosis active and the Master Demonologist talent will now gain increased threat generation when they summon an Imp or Felguard (was decreased threat generation).
  • Warrior
    • Victory Rush heal increased to 30% of the Warrior’s health (was 10%).

April 11, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Darkmoon Card: Overgrowth proc chance increased to 10% (was 5%).
  • Darkmoon Card: Decay now procs from ranged attacks and abilities.
  • Anguish of the Dream's bonus damage on next ability will no longer be consumed by professions.
  • “Jungle Durian” now rewards 20 Jungle Durians (was 10).
  • Rogue
    • Cheap Shot's stun effect can now correctly apply to targets under the effects of Goblin Rocket Helmet's Reckless Charge.
    • Combat Potency and Deadly Brew can no longer proc from Fiery Weapon procs.
  • Shaman
    • Rolling Thunder now correctly restores 2% of the Shaman's total mana per Lightning Shield charge released.
    • Shamans should now appropriately have access to Rank 4 of Fire Nova (was Fire Nova Totem) when the rune is engraved.
  • Warlock
    • Unstable Affliction is now affected by Haunt’s increase.
    • Damage over time effects that crit through the Pandemic rune will now be able to activate Dance of the Wicked.
    • Felguards summoned by Warlocks are now given an appropriate demon name.
  • Warrior
    • Gladiator Stance will now appear at the end of your stance bar instead of the beginning and will no longer rearrange the order of your stances for the purpose of stance macros.
  • Sunken Temple
    • Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause Dreamscythe and Weaver to evade when their target survived falling into the Pit of Sacrifice.

April 9, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • The number of creatures needed to complete missions in the Nightmare Incursions have been reduced by about 30%.
  • Items
    • Fixed an issue causing some bosses to drop no Rare items.
    • Darkmoon Card: Decay adjusted to be more appropriate for single target situations.
    • Darkmoon Card: Sandstorm adjusted to be more appropriate for multi-target situations.
    • Screaming Chain Shoulders can now be learned by Leatherworkers.
    • Sigil of Living Dreams now requires a runed truesilver rod to craft (was arcanite rod).
  • Paladin
    • Consecration critical hits from the Wrath rune, now trigger Vengeance.
  • Priest
    • Prayer of Mending can now trigger Divine Aegis.
  • Warlock
    • Lake of Fire will now properly increase the damage of Immolation Aura.
    • Immolation Aura now has a persistent visual.
    • Shadow and Flame is now activated by the Pandemic rune’s critical hits that occur from damage over time effects.

April 8, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Updated the levels of Fireguard Destroyers in Black Rock Depths to be more appropriate for Phase 3 of Season of Discovery.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Druid Trainer Lognaar to vanish periodically.
  • Non-Engineering and non-Blacksmithing nightmare armaments recipes no longer require a blacksmith hammer to craft.
  • The materials required for the quest “Mixology for Fun and Profit” have been adjusted.
  • Items
    • Darkmoon Card: Sandstorm no longer triggers on every instant cast spell.
    • Tenacity Chain is now Mail (was Leather).
    • Membrane of Dark Neurosis now has spell hit (was Spirit), and now has a spellpower proc (was haste).
    • Breadth of the Beast is now Unique.
  • Druid
    • The Free Wrath cast from Fury of Stormrage will no longer consume Clearcasting.
    • Rumsey Rum no longer 100% procs Omen of Clarity.
  • Mage
    • Balefire Bolt now procs and consumes clearcasting.
    • Balefire Bolt now correctly benefits from the Spellpower Rune.
    • Displacement no longer requires a target.
    • Balefire Bolt now works with Ignite.
    • Conjure Water Rank 6 now conjures 20 waters.
    • Molten Armor now falls off when the rune is swapped out.
    • Balefire Bolt now benefits from and consumes Arcane Blast stacks.
    • Balefire Bolt now benefits from and spends the charges of Combustion.
  • Priest
    • Void Zone damage no longer resets the casting time on your wand.
    • Void Zone now locks the Priest out of the Shadow school when kicked.
    • Void Zone visual changed to be less disruptive.
  • Rogue
    • Fixed a bug with Honor Among Thieves where it could stop working if you tried to gain a combo point on an ally or had your target die from a critical ability.
    • Honor Among Thieves should no longer consider whether the Rogue or their allies are flagged for PvP.
    • Carnage will no longer fall off while Rank 4 Rupture is active.
  • Shaman
    • Tidal Waves will now always apply its increase in Healing Wave case spell, even if the Healing Wave was spell queued.
  • Warrior
    • Shield Slam now correctly has 200% increased threat.
    • Devastate correctly deals 150% weapon damage per second (was 100%).
  • Warlock
    • Felguard will now cast Cleave even when there is only 1 target.
    • Demonic Sacrifice buffs now fall off when the Summon Felguard rune is removed.
  • The Sunken Temple
    • Fixed an issue where Festering Rotslime would despawn and then soft-lock the raid in combat.
    • Avatar of Hakkar
      • Avatar of Hakkar and Hakkari Bloodkeeper health lowered by 35%.
    • Eranikus
      • Players should no longer be able to walk on the raised edges of the room.
      • Number of Whelps spawned in second phase reduced to 6 (was 8).
      • Number of Nightmare Scalebane spawned during third phase reduced to 2 (was 3).
      • Period for the Summoning Effect of last phase increased to 9 seconds (was 6 seconds).
      • Number of Whelps and Scalebane spawned during last phase dropped to 3 and 1 (was 4 and 2).
  • Nightmare Incursions
    • Retuned the Unstable Wisp in the Hinterlands Nightmare Incursion to be a bit less punishing for players to deal with.
    • Quest objects for Nightmare Incursions now have multiple simultaneous spawn locations.
    • Reduced the experience awarded by Nightmare Incursion quests.
    • Increased the reputation granted by level 50 quests.

April 5, 2024
Season of Discovery

  • Fixed issues around the Leatherworking Wild Leather Vest and Way of the Weaponsmith
  • The Rugged Traveler will now also despawn if greater than two players enter the quest area.
  • Level 50 players who are Exalted with the Arathi Basin reputations can now complete the battleground quests usually reserved for level 60 allowing them to obtain their Exalted reputation tabards.
  • The Sunken Temple
    • Significant adjustments were made to trash and boss health. Please note: In order for these health adjustments to take effect you will need to soft reset your instance. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
      • Developer’s note: When developing and tuning the Sunken Temple raid encounters, we had concerns about player power going into Phase 3 so we aimed high when tuning enemy health. We feel that we aimed too high and have recently deployed a hotfix that lowers the health of all enemies and bosses within the Sunken Temple to help ensure this content remains accessible to all players. We’ll be watching progress closely and making additional adjustments as needed in the coming days.
    • Fixed an issue that would occasionally prevent Dreamscythe and Weaver from spawning. Affected players may need to leave the instance and Reset All Instances before it takes effect.
  • Nightmare Incursions
    • Nightmare Incursion Quartermasters can now repair gear.
    • Quest objects in the Nightmare Incursions no longer require a cast time to open.
    • Drakes’ Corrosive Acid Breath now deals more reasonable damage when coming to the aid of Nightmare Incursion dragons.
    • Satyrs’ Plagued Shot damage has been reduced and the cast time has been increased.
    • Plagued Shot now has a minimum range like hunter ranged abilities.
    • The total gold rewards for Nightmare Incursions elite missions have been reduced by roughly 30%.

April 4, 2024
Season of Discovery

  • Players can now correctly activate their other talent specialization while under the effects of the preparation aura in Battlegrounds.
  • Druid
    • Efflorescence will now work properly when Swiftmend is used on a guardian or pet belonging to a party member.
  • Shaman
    • Healing Rain can no longer be cast when targeted a non-player (as intended in its text).
  • Nightmare Incursions
    • Vengeful Ancient and Doomkin are now categorized Elite (was Rare Elite).
    • Credit for defeating Larsera, Florius, Ylanthrius, and Tyrannikus is now awarded cross-faction.
  • The Blood Moon
    • Zanzil the Outcast
      • Ward of Zanzil will now despawn after 30 seconds, summon a reduced number of zombie skeletons, and will be recast less frequently.
      • Ward of Zanza no longer has totem immunities, and Zombies will despawn after a short period of time.
    • The Crystal Shore Blood Moon graveyard is now farther north.

April 3, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Fixed an issue with the Spirit of Zandalar buff given out by turning in the “Heart of Hakkar” quest not being granted to players in Booty Bay.
  • The quest “Salvaging the Salvagematic” can once again be picked up from Ziri Littlesprocket after completing the “Salvagematic 9000” quest.

April 2, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Blood Moon event from working properly.
  • Hunter
    • Fixed an issue where the Frenzy tooltip on the master Hunter now correctly shows 6% instead of the incorrect 40%. This has no effect on the actual damage done by the pet.
  • Shaman
    • Electromantic Caster Mail set – Reduced Lightning Bolt cast time reduction to 0.1 seconds (was 0.2 seconds).
      • Developer’s note: This set bonus was really strong and resulted in 10% more Lightning Bolts. We’ve reduced the cast time reduction to avoid the possibility of this older set bonus not being replaced with later Phase 3 gear.
    • Fixed an issue with Way of Earth that caused it to continually trigger the global cooldown while dual-wielding.

March 12, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • Class restrictions on Arathi Basin reputation armor rewards have been lifted on all Classic Era and Season of Discovery realms.
  • Fixed a bug causing Blood for the Blood Loa stacks to not be exchanged when the battle is not active.
  • Hunter
    • Steady Shot damage increased to 75% weapon damage (was 60%).
    • Rune of the Trapper icon should no longer be a question mark.
  • Mage
    • Living Flame movement speed adjusted to 86% of normal player movement speed (was 100%).
    • Living Flame duration reduced 10 seconds (was 20 seconds)
    • Living Flame cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (was 60 seconds).

March 5, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • Kha’damu no longer drops extraneous items.
  • Kha’damu now recovers less health from his self-healing effects.
  • As Kha’damu grows in size, he now becomes more susceptible to attacks.
  • Mildly Irradiated Rejuvenation Potion now also increases Ranged Attack Power.
  • Enchanted Sigil: Innovation now increases ranged attack power in addition to its normal effects.
  • Hyperconductive Goldwrap tooltip updated to better reflect how Hyperconductive Goldwrap works.
  • Tooltips for new ranged, melee, and spell hit/crit stats in Season of Discovery have been updated to be less verbose. The effects were not changed.
  • Druid
    • Fixed an issue with Survival Instincts causing Druids to sometimes incorrectly gain health when shifting into Bear Form, Cat Form, or Dire Bear Form while Survival Instincts is active.
  • Hunter
    • Chimera Shot damage increased to 120% of weapon damage (was 100%) and Chimera Shot Serpent Sting damage increased to 48% of Serpent Sting damage (was 40%).
    • Explosive Shot base damage done before Attack Power increased by 15%.
    • Carve damage increased to 65% of weapon damage (was 50%).
  • Mage
    • Frostfire Bolt base damage increased by 50%, and its increased damage from bonus spell damage increased by 16%, identical to the value for Fireball.
    • Spellfrost Bolt base damage increased by 50%, and its increased damage from bonus spell damage increased by 14%, identical to the value for Frostbolt.
    • Regeneration, Mass Regeneration, and Chronostatic Preservation spell power coefficients increased by 88%.
      • Developers’ notes: This is to compensate for Mage healers wearing primarily items which grant “damage and healing” instead of “healing”.
    • Chronostatic Preservation mana cost decreased by 44%.
    • Resolved some tooltip issues with Chronostatic Preservation.
  • Paladin
    • Seal of Martyrdom damage increased to 50% weapon damage per swing (was 40%). Seal of Martyrdom Judgement increased to 85% weapon damage (was 70%).
    • Seal of Martyrdom Seal and Judgement effects now benefit from talents and effects that modify Seal of Righteousness, particularly Improved Seal of Righteousness.
    • Avenger’s Shield now properly gains increased damage from the Paladin’s Attack Power.
  • Shaman
    • Corrected an issue where Earth Shield was not healing for the correct amount.
  • Warlock
    • Grimoire of Synergy now increases damage done by the Warlock and their pet by 25% when it is active (was 5%).
  • Warrior
    • Devastate damage increased to 150% of weapon DPS (was 100%), before being increased by number of Sunder Armor stacks.
    • Fixed an issue with facing when using Intercept.
    • Deep Wounds will now continue dealing damage after the Warrior who applied it has died.

February 27, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • High-Yield Radiation Bomb adjusted:
    • Its slow effect can now be removed with snare removal effects.
    • Its damage-over-time is now correctly Nature damage and a Poison effect (was Magical).
    • The initial damage of the bomb now works on enemies that are typically immune to slows.
    • The initial damage of the bomb will now always go off when it hits.
  • The increased armor value of certain mechanical bosses in Gnomeregan has been reduced slightly.
    • Developers’ notes: The higher armor values on certain mechanical enemies in Gnomeregan was correct and intended, but we will adjust the armor on Crowd Pummeler 9-60 and Mekingeer Thermaplugg slightly to provide up to a 10% increase in physical damage received, depending on modifiers present. We also checked the Mechanical Managerie, and it is using the correct armor values.
  • Druid
    • Lifebloom mana cost reduced by 50%.
      • Developers’ notes: Lifebloom refunds half its new base mana cost per stack when it expires or is dispelled. This part has always functioned in this way, and we’ve seen a bit of confusion around how the mana return portion of Lifebloom functions.
    • Living Seed now heals for 50% of the critical heal that planted the seed (was 30%). This heal now blooms from non-periodic healing received, in addition to any damage taken.
    • Nourish mana cost reduced by 27%.
    • Moonkin Form now also reduces the mana cost of Moonfire by 50% and increases Moonfire periodic damage by 50%. Sunfire also benefits from this change.
    • Moonkins can now cast non-healing Restoration spells without cancelling their shapeshift. This includes: Remove Curse, Remove Poison, Abolish Poison, Innervate, Rebirth, Revive, Mark of the Wild, and Gift of the Wild.
    • Fury of Stormrage improved: when this rune makes Healing Touch instant, it now also makes it castable in all shapeshift forms.
    • Lacerate critical strikes can now trigger Primal Fury.
    • Nourish is now instant cast when Fury of Stormrage is active. Nourish no longer breaks Moonkin form when Fury of Stormrage is used to cast an instant version of the spell.
  • Hunter
    • Dual Wield Specialization no longer grants a 30% damage bonus to Raptor Strike for wielding two weapons of the same type.
  • Mage
    • Chronostatic Preservation no longer checks for a target within range or line of sight on the first cast. Its tooltip states that it has an Unlimited range, andthe first part of the ability now does, but the unleashed heal has a range of 40 yards (46 yards talented), which is unchanged.
  • Paladin
    • Crusader Strike now deals Holy damage instead of Physical damage, ignoring armor, and is now affected by Holy damage prevention. Crusader Strike is still considered a melee attack, and not a spell.
    • Seal of Martyrdom can no longer trigger Art of War, and will no longer be triggered by Frost Oil or other weapon procs.
  • Rogue
    • Redirect no longer triggers or is affected by the global cooldown, and its own cooldown has been reduced to 10 seconds.
      • Developers’ notes: when Redirect is combined in a macro with other Combo Point related abilities, it often does not function as expected. We recommend not including it in such macros.
    • Main Gauche now generates 3 combo points on your target and base Energy cost reduced to 15.
    • Just a Flesh Wound threat bonus increased such that Rogue tanks will generate approximately 30% more threat.
  • Shaman
    • Two-Handed Mastery rune now also provides 10% increased Attack Power and 10% increased chance to hit with spells after hitting a target with a two-handed weapon.
    • Shamanistic Rage rune now grants 5% of the Shaman’s maximum mana per
      second, instead of a value scaling from Attack Power, Spell Power, or Healing Power.
    • Spirit of the Alpha rune now grants the casting Shaman 20% increased Attack Power if they cast the spell on a target other than themselves.
    • Earth Shield mana cost reduced by 67%, and charges increased from 3 to 9. The base amount healed now properly scales with level and is about 50% higher than previously at level 40.
    • Power Surge tooltip revised to clarify functionality. This rune periodically grants mana every 5 seconds, equal to 15% of the Shaman’s intellect. Some potential timing issues that could have sometimes made it give less mana than intended have been fixed.
    • Ancestral Guidance cooldown reduced to 1 minute (was 2 minutes).
  • Warrior
    • Rallying Cry now correctly benefits the Warrior’s entire raid (was: the Warrior’s party only).

February 26, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • Hyperconductive Caster Set’s 3-piece bonus now works correctly with healing and damaging runes.
  • Chronostatic Preservation duration increased to 20 seconds (was 15 seconds), and now works with mouseover macros.
  • Drained of Blood will now periodically remove debilitating effects that are still affecting the player.
  • Additional Chained Spirit graveyards and patrols have been added during the Blood Moon event.
  • Fixed an issue with Lesser Arcane Elixir that caused it to not be usable at the required level on the tooltip.
  • Kha’damu’s Blood Craze will no longer increase his damage dealt.
  • Hunter
    • Chimera Shot no longer extends the duration of Wyvern Sting’s periodic damage.
      • Developers’ notes: That interaction was never intended.
  • Rogue
    • Between the Eyes no longer shares a cooldown with ranged attacks.

February 21, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • Elite and Dungeon Quests now grant additional bonus experience.
  • The Dismantle enchant now procs more often for casters and melee.
  • The vendor price of Ez-Thro Radiation Bombs and High-Yield Radiation Bomb has been reduced.
  • Players in the Spirit World can now resurrect at Chained Spirits for up to 30 minutes after a Blood Moon ends.
  • Spirit of Redemption Form will no longer instantly cancel if you attempt to cast spells not allowed in that form. Doing so now returns an error message.
  • A Zandalarian Emissary can now be found atop the Durotar zeppelin tower.
  • Mage
    • Spell Power now benefits the critical strike damage of Spellfrost Bolt.
  • Rogue
    • Preparation now properly resets the cooldowns of Quick Draw, Between the Eyes, and Redirect.
    • Shuriken Toss will no longer sometimes cause loss of combo points when a Rogue is talented into Seal Fate and a bounced Shuriken crits a secondary target.
  • Shaman
    • Offhand Stormstrike hits can now correctly trigger weapon procs, including Windfury Weapon and Flurry.
    • Healing Rain no longer has a variant height for its animation. The Healing Rain cloud now always appears just above player’s heads.
  • Warlock
    • Haunt will now properly increase the damage done by Siphon Life.
    • Developers’ notes: Siphon Life behaves like Drain Life and will only be increased by Haunt if it is cast while Haunt is already active. These abilities do not dynamically update their values when Haunt is applied or falls off.

February 20, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • Increased the number of crafting materials found in Boxes of Gnomeregan Salvage and slightly increased the drop rate of Grime-Encrusted Salvage throughout Gnomeregan.
  • Druid
    • Berserk now also increases the number of targets struck by Lacerate while it is active.
    • Starsurge bonus damage to Starfire increased to 80% (was 66%). Corrected a bug causing this bonus damage to be lower than intended at level 40.
    • Swipe now scales with attack power, gaining 10% of attack power as damage.
    • Threat caused by Swipe greatly increased.
    • Rip duration increased to 16 seconds (was 12 seconds).
  • Hunter
    • Raptor Strike damage when the Melee Specialist rune is active is now normalized weapon damage.
  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue where Fiery Weapon enchantment and Seal of Martyrdom were triggering each other. Neither can be triggered by the other any longer.
    • Fixed an issue where Fiery Blaze and Fiery Weapon enchantments could trigger or be triggered by Seal of Martyrdom. Those interactions do not happen anymore.
  • Priest
    • Mind Spike damage increased by 10%.
    • Void Plague damage increased by 10%.
    • Shadow Word: Death base damage before modifiers decreased by 40% and spellpower coefficient adusted to 42.9% (was 64.3%).
    • Developers’ notes: Overall, this should result in a 33-40% damage reduction on Shadow Word: Death, depending on the amount of spellpower the priest has. Shadow Word: Death has been doing a larger percentage of overall priest damage than intended, and we feel like this could begin to put additional pressure on healers in PvE, as spellpower gear improves and the damage that priests inflict on themselves continues to scale upwards. It could also prove to be increasingly oppressive in PvP, as it’s an instant attack that can be used on the move, from range, with very little counterplay.
  • Rogue
    • Shuriken Toss bounce range reduced to 10 yards (was 15 yards).
      • Developers’ notes: This should reduce the chance of it bouncing a little too far and pulling extra packs in dungeons. It now matches the range of other chain spells like Chain Lightning and Avenger’s Shield.
  • Shaman
    • Fixed an issue where Fire Nova did not benefit properly from Elemental Mastery.
    • The Dual-Wield Specialization rune now provides 50% bonus damage to your offhand weapon swings.
    • Lava Lash now gains 50% increased damage if Flametongue Weapon is imbued on your offhand.
    • The proc chance of Maelstrom Weapon is now roughly 50% higher when your main hand weapon or your two-hand weapon is imbued with Windfury Weapon.

February 16, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • Druid
    • Starsurge was incorrectly getting 30% additional critical strike chance when Eclipse (Lunar) was active. It now only gets 30% increased critical strike chance from Eclipse (Solar).
  • Hunter
    • Chimera Shot - Scorpid is now properly mitigated by Weapon Chains and reduction to Disarm effects.
  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue where Seal of Righteousness ranks 4 and higher did less damage than rank 3. This fix has been applied to Season of Discovery and Classic Era.
  • Priest
    • Spirit of Redemption will no longer be prevented from triggering for Priests whose Dispersion or Pain Suppression is on cooldown.
    • Each Priest now correctly creates their own separate stack of Mind Spike effects on the target, and consumes only their own stack.
    • Fixed an issue where Prayer of Mending was double dipping with Spiritual Healing, and was also increasing by 10% per bounce on top of that.
  • Shaman
    • Fixed an issue where the benefit of Dual Wield Specialization rune could be lost for Shamans when swapping weapon configurations.
    • Fixed an issue where Stormstrike would sometimes do offhand damage despite no offhand equipped.
    • The range on Decoy Totem is now the correctly intended 30 yards, matching the radius of its effect preventing movement impairment.
  • Warlock
    • Subjugate Demon used against players in Metamorphosis now has a 10 second duration, with diminishing duration like other crowd-control effects used on players. It is considered a Charm effect like Mind Control.
  • Stranglethorn Vale PvP Event
    • Warlocks and Hunters participating in the Blood Moon will now resurrect with their last active pet.
    • Fixed an interaction with Blood Moon and Spirit of Redemption resurrecting the fallen Priest earlier than intended.
    • Fixed an issue with Blood Coin turn-ins when a player is the victim of Subjugate Demon or Mind Control.
    • Drained of Blood during the Blood Moon event now also grants immunity to movement impairing effects.
    • Fixed an issue where stacks of Blood for the Blood Loa could sometimes exceed the intended 255.
    • The Chosen of the Blood Loa will now be visible in the spirit world.

February 14, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • Corrected an issue where players leaving a party sometimes lost their stacks of Blood for the Blood Loa.
  • The Blood Moon now increases the health of participants by 30%.
  • Resurrection from Chained Spirits during the Blood Moon event now also grants players 100% of their mana.
  • Blood Moon-averse Zandalarian Emissaries will now ward players in the far-off lands of Ratchet, Tirisfal Glades, and Duskwood.
  • The scoreboards during the Blood Moon event should now be more responsive in activating and deactivating when the event starts and ends.
  • Druid
    • Fixed an issue where Berserk was not discounting the energy cost of abilities learned from runes such as Savage Roar, Sunfire, and Skull Bash.
    • Starsurge visual corrected to not hit the caster as well as the target.
    • Savage Roar visual no longer has a Challenging Roar animation attached to the cast.
    • Eclipse now properly reduces spell pushback on Wrath and Starfire.
  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue where Guarded by the Light’s effect could be cancelled by the player.
  • Priest
    • Fixed a bug that caused Void Plague to benefit more from spell power than intended.
    • Fixed a bug that made it possible for a Priest to place two copies of Renew on a target.
  • Shaman
    • Power Surge gained during a Lava Burst, Lightning Bolt, or Chain Lighting cast will no longer be consumed by that cast (since it does not benefit).
  • Warlock
    • Fixed an issue with Fear ranks 2 and 3 not changing into Menace properly while Metamorphosis is active.
    • Fixed an issue where Dance of the Wicked was giving an incorrect amount of mana back.
  • Gnomeregan
    • Electrocutioner 6000
      • Players can no longer out range or use line of sight to prevent the cast or chain effect of Static Arc.
    • Mechanical Menagerie
      • The fight now resets properly if one of the bosses was in self-repair mode when the fight resets.
    • Rig Wars
      • Thermaplugg’s Safe will now spawn under one of the Bomb Dispensers after defeating Mekgineer Thermaplugg.

February 12, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • You can now get a new Squall-breakers Potion from Rau Cliffrunner in Freewind Post upon accepting the quest “Calm Before the Storm”.
  • Recipe: Lesser Arcane Elixir is now bind-on-pickup.
  • The Battle for Ashenvale weekly quests “Clear the Forest!” and “Repelling Invaders” now grant full XP and reputation rewards, through level 40.
  • The Ashenvale Rallying Cry world buff is now usable through level 39.
  • The Spark of Inspiration world buff now correctly increases +healing.
  • Item requirements for the quests “Power of da Wind”, “Power of da Earth”, and “Power of da Water” have been reduced.
  • Druid
    • Starsurge base damage reduced by 35%, and its benefit from bonus spell damage effects reduced to 42.9%, matching other instant spells.
    • Starsurge now provides a new effect: your next Starfire cast within 15 seconds deals 66% increased damage.
    • Fixed an issue with Enhanced Restoration preventing Nourish from gaining increased healing from Rejuvenation and Regrowth.
  • Paladin
    • Fixed an issue where the Sheathe of Light spell power proc wasn’t correctly activated by melee attacks.
  • Shaman
    • Fixed an issue where Ravaging Tempest could sometimes not lose its protective aura when Ailgrah Splittusk was killed.
  • Stranglethorn Vale PvP Event
    • Players who resurrect in Stranglethorn Vale during the Blood Moon event and gain Drained of Blood will now be immune to attack during its duration, but unable to cast spells or attack. They can mount and move to another location and are invisible to players outside their party.
    • Drained of Blood duration reduced to 20 seconds (was 60 seconds).
    • Drained of Blood now has a visual.
    • Players who wish to opt out of Blood Moon should now more easily notice the Zandalarian Emissary.

Should hotfix your garbage layering. Layering in groups, can’t layer to groups, fighting someone and they layer. STV event is a burning dumpster fire.


where is mele hunter damage fix?
where is ele shaman damage fix?
where is SWD damage fix?
where is BM hunter damage fix?

also Sanctity Aura and Judgement of Crusader does not increase damage from Seal of Martydom

U guys need to attach in-game bug reporter for players


Linxy, are you sure those are all the changes? Seeing both shaman and paladins reporting changes not listed here


That’s Crazy, fix the issues of the last few bosses having more armor than Naxxaramas bosses now.


Would be really cool if you guys fixed the issues of level 40 level up raid bosses having as much armor as bosses in Naxx 40 the hardest raid in the iteration as a game. Severely killing mele dps with this. Casters got their spell resistance change.

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All the changes aren’t even in this…Art of War got changed, so this isn’t all the patch notes.


Much appreciated change!

This however, makes me sad :frowning:

My god all you people do on these forms is complain its not even been a damn week. The armor is similar to molten core bosses maybe slightly higher. If you used your brain you would put together that the gear and some of the pre bis/bis is right on par with lv 60 in classic. We at level 40 are pumping same numbers as 60s in classic. God forbid anything is slightly a challenge for you people. No one wants to do a raid that u can complete with eyes closed. Put in the work, prep, get your world buffs and you will be fine. Im willing to bet you parse bottom 25%


NOOOOooooo!~ Well, it was about time I guess, I was questioning whether or not they meant 2% or 2% per crit chance with at least 2%. It’s still good, but it’s just a shame with the utility it provided warlock tanks not having to tap.

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My name is my logs peep me, post from your main not some retail throw away.


fix what?
you kill our weak pet and that’s it.

also can yall do something about the silence on res?

Does this mean it won’t go on cooldown if I get a proc mid cast as well?

Oh thank god, I can stop stutter stepping when I get a proc during a cast.

Ok i did and your gnomer logs stink already. You can look me up too, Moondare, crusader strike…. I pugged with under geared randoms and its not hard…… even changed the profile for you nerd.

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It still goes on CD, I think its so you can’t randomly double meatball someone in pvp

Personally I think it should just let you do that, I think if you get meatballed its 100% deserved for the work that goes into the setup


Keep moving those goal posts buddy


Did you not put in anything about Art of War? Sounds like this isnt all together.