Season of Discovery Hotfixes - July 16

STV BM lag fix?

You use your cooldowns. Paladins can bubble and stun. Warriors can fear the hunter and the pet, allowing them to focus on the hunter while the pet is off in the other direction. There are more options, those are just the most notable.

Turn on your monitor. Use your spells. I can’t hold your hand for you though.

I recently found myself thinking excitedly about Icy Veins because I thought it might help me get some more damage/healing throughput in on Menagerie. Turns out it doesn’t affect channeled spells. So much for that.

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice boomy buuuuuufffffffffsss

I’m a mage player so I don’t care about melee hunters personally. Melee hunters aren’t a bad matchup for me. I care about the health of the game and hunters entire kit revolves around kiting from range. Making them crush people in melee in 2 gcds with no cool downs is obviously bad for the game hence the nerfs. Sorry you are a hunter so I know you will have to read this a few times and still probably wont understand but hang in there buddy!

February 26, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • Hyperconductive Caster Set’s 3-piece bonus now works correctly with healing and damaging runes.
  • Chronostatic Preservation duration increased to 20 seconds (was 15 seconds), and now works with mouseover macros.
  • Drained of Blood will now periodically remove debilitating effects that are still affecting the player.
  • Additional Chained Spirit graveyards and patrols have been added during the Blood Moon event.
  • Fixed an issue with Lesser Arcane Elixir that caused it to not be usable at the required level on the tooltip.
  • Kha’damu’s Blood Craze will no longer increase his damage dealt.
  • Hunter
    • Chimera Shot no longer extends the duration of Wyvern Sting’s periodic damage.
      • Developers’ notes: That interaction was never intended.
  • Rogue
    • Between the Eyes no longer shares a cooldown with ranged attacks.
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Hello Blizzard,
If you are going to allow your developers to play the game for non-testing purposes, can you please ensure they play a non-faction specific class? It’s glaringly obvious how paladins are favored. It’s similar to watching the referees in the superbowl. Paladins have movement speed, freedom, cleanse, heals, enough melee damage to global you in pvp, the ability to reset the fight fully 2x, a ranged 4-5 second stun with no build up. Like shaman don’t even compare. Stop making paladins stronger and start nerfing them for pvp.

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P.S. before any paladins comment on this, I need video proof of you fighting against a paladin in BGs. Thank you.

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Why are you ignoring Frost Mage completely? They are so low in damage that all of the tanks are doing more damage and resto druids are within 5 DPS.

No one uses any of the frost runes at all. Please buff any aspect of Frost Mages’s damage or compensate their defensives for SoD values. IE Ice Barrier is 300-400 damage which is one auto or half of an instant cast.

Frost is in the dumpster.


you wanna walk back that “fun detected” interaction with chimera and wyvern sting like you did with paladin martyrdom / art of war? Chimera refreshes stings… if anything it should have a unique effect on wyvern sting.

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Well hunters aren’t allowed to have fun.


Shaman, is way better in PvP. Enhance is lowkey busted.

They need to buff all of the frost runes. Arcane and Fire actually use their runes, frost mages are terrible and they are using fire runes. If they want frosts damage to be on the low end of all the dps thats fine but then give us a barrier rune or something. We have low survivability and damage. Feels awful.

THANK YOU!!! I’m so glad you fixed this! BTE is still bugged in the combat log because it doesn’t show any indication of why it failed- neither stun resist nor miss show up

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STV event is terribly laggy. Please fix it.

The grass is always greener to this Cow.

Why is frost mage being so neglected?
With how frost plays, I understand why it’s not performing in gnomer. You can buff ice lance by a substantial amount and I guarantee it will still not see a place in the pve meta.

Frost has always been the cookie cutter pvp build. Show it some love…

Buff ice barrier, lower the cooldown on ice block (dispersion 2 minute cooldown, gives mana back, usable while mounted but block is a 5 minute cooldown?)

Increase ice lance damage by at least 50%. Can’t think of a single scenario where you’d go ice lance over living bomb in pvp.

On another note, I give some kudos to the team. There have been substantial changes happening every week and I appreciate the attention to feedback. I can’t imagine balancing sod being an easy task.

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  • Hunter
    • Chimera Shot no longer extends the duration of Wyvern Sting’s periodic damage.
      • Developers’ notes: That interaction was never intended.
        Chimera Shot
        You deal 100% weapon damage, refreshing the current Sting on your target and triggering an effect.

Seems to be working exactly as intended. Only thing missing would be an extra effect for using it to refresh your wyvern sting. Not sure what the issue is here.

February 27, 2024

WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

  • High-Yield Radiation Bomb adjusted:
    • Its slow effect can now be removed with snare removal effects.
    • Its damage-over-time is now correctly Nature damage and a Poison effect (was Magical).
    • The initial damage of the bomb now works on enemies that are typically immune to slows.
    • The initial damage of the bomb will now always go off when it hits.
  • The increased armor value of certain mechanical bosses in Gnomeregan has been reduced slightly.
    • Developers’ notes: The higher armor values on certain mechanical enemies in Gnomeregan was correct and intended, but we will adjust the armor on Crowd Pummeler 9-60 and Mekingeer Thermaplugg slightly to provide up to a 10% increase in physical damage received, depending on modifiers present. We also checked the Mechanical Managerie, and it is using the correct armor values.
  • Druid
    • Lifebloom mana cost reduced by 50%.
      • Developers’ notes: Lifebloom refunds half its new base mana cost per stack when it expires or is dispelled. This part has always functioned in this way, and we’ve seen a bit of confusion around how the mana return portion of Lifebloom functions.
    • Living Seed now heals for 50% of the critical heal that planted the seed (was 30%). This heal now blooms from non-periodic healing received, in addition to any damage taken.
    • Nourish mana cost reduced by 27%.
    • Moonkin Form now also reduces the mana cost of Moonfire by 50% and increases Moonfire periodic damage by 50%. Sunfire also benefits from this change.
    • Moonkins can now cast non-healing Restoration spells without cancelling their shapeshift. This includes: Remove Curse, Remove Poison, Abolish Poison, Innervate, Rebirth, Revive, Mark of the Wild, and Gift of the Wild.
    • Fury of Stormrage improved: when this rune makes Healing Touch instant, it now also makes it castable in all shapeshift forms.
    • Lacerate critical strikes can now trigger Primal Fury.
    • Nourish is now instant cast when Fury of Stormrage is active. Nourish no longer breaks Moonkin form when Fury of Stormrage is used to cast an instant version of the spell.
  • Hunter
    • Dual Wield Specialization no longer grants a 30% damage bonus to Raptor Strike for wielding two weapons of the same type.
  • Mage
    • Chronostatic Preservation no longer checks for a target within range or line of sight on the first cast. Its tooltip states that it has an Unlimited range, andthe first part of the ability now does, but the unleashed heal has a range of 40 yards (46 yards talented), which is unchanged.
  • Paladin
    • Crusader Strike now deals Holy damage instead of Physical damage, ignoring armor, and is now affected by Holy damage prevention. Crusader Strike is still considered a melee attack, and not a spell.
    • Seal of Martyrdom can no longer trigger Art of War, and will no longer be triggered by Frost Oil or other weapon procs.
  • Rogue
    • Redirect no longer triggers or is affected by the global cooldown, and its own cooldown has been reduced to 10 seconds.
      • Developers’ notes: when Redirect is combined in a macro with other Combo Point related abilities, it often does not function as expected. We recommend not including it in such macros.
    • Main Gauche now generates 3 combo points on your target and base Energy cost reduced to 15.
    • Just a Flesh Wound threat bonus increased such that Rogue tanks will generate approximately 30% more threat.
  • Shaman
    • Two-Handed Mastery rune now also provides 10% increased Attack Power and 10% increased chance to hit with spells after hitting a target with a two-handed weapon.
    • Shamanistic Rage rune now grants 5% of the Shaman’s maximum mana per
      second, instead of a value scaling from Attack Power, Spell Power, or Healing Power.
    • Spirit of the Alpha rune now grants the casting Shaman 20% increased Attack Power if they cast the spell on a target other than themselves.
    • Earth Shield mana cost reduced by 67%, and charges increased from 3 to 9. The base amount healed now properly scales with level and is about 50% higher than previously at level 40.
    • Power Surge tooltip revised to clarify functionality. This rune periodically grants mana every 5 seconds, equal to 15% of the Shaman’s intellect. Some potential timing issues that could have sometimes made it give less mana than intended have been fixed.
    • Ancestral Guidance cooldown reduced to 1 minute (was 2 minutes).
  • Warrior
    • Rallying Cry now correctly benefits the Warrior’s entire raid (was: the Warrior’s party only).