[Season of Discovery] Horn of Lordaeron appears to not scale properly as you level

I got the Horn of Lordaeron ability at level 11, and the stats it said it provided was 6 Str/Agi, works fine. Once I hit level 12, the tooltip on the spell says 11 Str/Agi, but the buff says 6, and checking my character sheet also confirms only a +6 increase. Learning the 2nd rank of Blessing of Might (which is available starting at level 12) or re-applying the rune to my chestpiece did not fix it.

Update: tried again later (I’m level 13 now) and the stats are correct?

At level 12 right now, it is not scaling currently…

same issue but it says 17 only gives 11

This is a known issue. The agility and strength granted by Horn of Lordaeron at level 12 and 22 are correct per the intended design of Horn of Lordaeron. However, for some reason, the tooltip is pulling data from levels 13 and 23 at levels 12 and 22 respectively.

Thanks for the report!

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