Season 4 Mounts

The season 4 M+ mount and Gladiator mount are pretty awful in terms of recolor. The M+ is like 2 shades different then the season 2 mount.


We’ve received and agreed with a lot of feedback about the color scheme for the Keystone Master mount for Season 4. It did look too similar to the Season 2 Soultwisted Deathwalker mount.

Our art team has updated it so that the colors are more unique, like the other Keystone Master mounts. Here’s a preview for you:

Let us know what you think, and thanks again for all of the feedback that led to the Season 4 Deathwalker getting its new appearance.


THANK YOU! It looks fantastic!


I really like this color! It looks like a giant voidwalker.

I would like to bring up an additional mount complaint: the Soul Eater mounts. They’re currently only available on armored versions for Gladiators. Although I understand Gladiators deserve the accolades in the form of prestigious mounts, every single expansion featured some non-armored version of the Gladiator mounts available to non-PvP players:

  • Burning Crusade had Armored Netherdrakes for Gladiators, you can grind unarmored Netherdrakes via the Netherwing reputation.
  • Wrath of the Lich King had the Armored Bone Drakes - Non-armored Drakes are available from both Icecrown Citadel meta achievements.
  • Cataclysm brought Armored Twilight Drakes - Available to non-PvPers with the Twilight Drake from Obsidian Sanctum.
  • Mists of Pandaria brought Armored Cloud Serpents - of which there are many non-armored varieties available to non-PvPers.
  • Warlords of Draenor brought armored Gronns - Available on non-armored versions via a Draenor rare, a Garrison Mission and the Highmaul/Blackrock Foundry meta achievements for non-PvPers.
  • Legion brought armored Stormdrakes - Available via the Valarjar Paragon cache and then a Battle for Azeroth Island Expedition drop.
  • Battle for Azeroth used armored Proto-Drakes - Many proto-drakes were available in the past, this specific model similar to the one from the Glory of the Orgrimmar raider meta.

With all this past history with Gladiator mounts and non-armored versions, it’s weird to not see an unarmored Soul Eater in Shadowlands. There are already NPC versions of the Soul Eaters that I believe wouldn’t take much effort to turn into a mount ( I feel like adding them as an additional reward to the newly added Shadowlands meta achievement Back From The Beyond ( would be a wonderful idea.

In case you plan on making the Back from the Beyond achievement time-limited, can put it somewhere else.

Thank you for your consideration <3


Looks incredible!

I’ll have to admit I actually really liked that the PvP Gladiator mounts are so unique and not attainable elsewhere. Whenever you saw one of those around, you KNEW it was a PvPer. I wish they’d do the same for killing the Mythic end-raid bosses (rather than a single randomized drop, I think the mythic cutting edge raiders should all receive a Cutting Edge unique mount [ie: Cutting Edge N’Zoth would grant all players Ny’Alotha Allseer]). I think there was something really neat about players being able to display some prestige for accomplishing difficult feats. It was cool that you could see a player on an actually unique mount and knew they were skilled in a particular facet of the game. I think they should actually change the unique mount Deathwalker types to only grant it to those who obtain +20s on all dungeons for the season and Rated Battlegrounds should be granted the Gladiator mount collection/skins too. It also encourages players to actually seek out and strive for those rewards.

As you’ve mentioned above, it has not been uncommon for Blizzard to release similar-looking mounts which share the same model as mounts acquired from difficult content. I actually hate this. A perfect example was last season - Mythic Cutting Edge Sylvanas players could acquire the “Vengeance” dragonhawk from the kill. Mid-season we then all acquired the “Illidari Doomhawk” with extremely minimal effort from the World of Warcraft 17th Anniversary event. Suddenly, all those Cutting Edge raiders on Vengeance were indistinguishable from those riding the Illidari Doomhawk. It was a disservice to the Mythic raiders and the work/time they’ve dedicated into obtaining that mount/feat.

I know this opinion may not be well received as it’s natural for people to want the unique rewards without having to dedicate all the time/work into it. But I believe Blizzard was correct in having only high-rated PvPers being able to ride the Soul Eaters. I hope they offer this type of unique noticeable prestige to all high-rated aspects of the game.


The thing about Cutting Edge mounts is that they’re still obtainable even after the raid is no longer current. PvP Gladiator mounts are lost to time once that PvP season ends. They aren’t close to comparable on that regards.

And I don’t know about you, but I haven’t seen a single Gladiator mount that I didn’t instantly recognize as a Gladiator mount.


Maybe you have a better eye than me, but the Legion Gladiator Stormdrakes and BFA Gladiator protodrakes went constantly unnoticed to me since they were a single shade off from another easily obtainable mount. The BFA protodrake head armor helped them stand out a bit when facing them from the front, but any other angle, and it just seemed like any other protodrake to me lol

And also very true about the CE mounts. I would be fine if they treated them like the PvP Seasonal rewards.


Oh hey, look, still a re-color of one we already have and it’s not going to match any of my mogs because all the shades are obviously just slightly different from what I have or can obtain.

Sure it looks nice, but really? I think we’re at a point where mounts should probably just get merged and colors become an unlockable feature of that mount. In order for this to match any of my mogs, I need a different shade of gold and a different shade of purple.

Even then it will be hard though, because unless you have all items of a single set, you’ll probably be unable to properly match colors.

Look, the artists are doing a great job and it looks great, but 99% of the new mount re-colors are incompatible with any of the mogs I have.


I’m happy that the color was changed, but how about something more to cap off the end of the expansion and to recognize the covenants more?

We all know that Fishbones creates some amazing concept art for WoW with glyphs and various skins and all, but his most recent post on reddit really made me wonder if we can have something more. Instead of just a recolor, we could have something similar to the Shaman Legion class mount, where the mount changes dependending on your active covenant.

Something more fitting as the last season of mythic+ for Shadowlands. It doesn’t have to look exactly like the concept art in the post, but just an idea of what can be done.

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it’s gorgeous! thanks you alot!