Season 4 M+ Seasonal Affixs and Dungeons

Speak for yourself. I got to 81% block chance and 20% from consecrate alone… There are certainly dungeons where you can’t upscale pulls, but in dungeons where you don’t overload your team, being an unkillable God will allow for some really big pulls.

I agree on the no health bars showing. I did junkyard last night and I couldn’t see any of my enemies. They’re all gnomes too so that doesn’t help

There are 6/8 dungeons that are brand new to a large portion of the game’s population, and haven’t been ran in years for the rest of us. To have such a large portion of the dungeons be new, to have the season only be ~4 months long, AND to have a new affix that gives you some kind of dungeon skip warp powers would mean the learning curve for most players to get proficient at these dungeons would be way too high. That’s why half of the dungeons are straight line dungeons with very little extra percent to even pull. They want the season to be easy to digest and master because you don’t have very much time. That’s why the affix is simply kill mob get stat, and that’s great. If we were going into a fourth season of having to do plaguefall and spires again then I’d absolutely want an affix that somehow makes those dungeons shorter and gets me out of them as soon as possible, but that’s not the season we have.

UPDATE i have now tanked everything at 15+. Definately the clear outlier is lower karazhan.

  • lower Kara -aside from the scaling there are a few things that should be adjusted. Checkpoints need to be added to account for the long distance you have to run in this dungeon. My suggestion would be the stage after you kill the theater boss. This gives you some choice in going to any of the other bosses quickly without all the running through of what you cleared. The spotlight ability hides other mechanics. On explosive weeks this is going to be extra unfun. Huntsman debuff needs to be more visible as well as the ground effects of the charge and frontal cleave. Additionally, there should be cast bars or somrthing to tell when the melee soak is getting ready to take place outside of addons. Base game doesnt let you know when its happening and can cause whipes. Moroes adds need visible aoe indicators. Like crispins frontal cleave, theres no indication on when its about to happen.

Moroes drops keys to the back door. You just go down in the rez area and go down the stairs.


We appreciate all the feedback on the Season 4 Mythic+ dungeons that has been made thus far. We’ve made the following adjustments that will be in effect with scheduled weekly maintenance (starting tomorrow, August 9 in this region):

Dungeons and Raids

  • Mythic+
    • Affixes
      • Shrouded
        • Zul’gamux now casts Blood Barrier less often.
        • Zul’gamux has found a new location to hide in Return to Karazhan: Upper.
    • Grimrail Depot
      • Grom’kar Far Seer’s Storm Shield can now be purged.
      • Grom’kar Cinderseer will no longer cast Lava Wreath.
      • Railmaster Rocketspark
        • Borka the Brute’s Mad Dash damage reduced by 30%.
      • Skylord Tovra
        • Thunderous Breath initial damage reduced by 25%.
    • Iron Docks
      • Fleshrender Nok’gar
        • Dreadfang’s Shredding Swipes should no longer hit players multiple times.
      • Oshir
        • Feeding Frenzy now requires Oshir to suffer 5% damage to be interrupted (was 8%).
      • Skulloc
        • Skulloc’s melee damage reduced by 15%.
        • Koramar will no longer cast Shattering Blade.
    • Return to Karazhan: Lower
      • Ghostly Philanthropist will no longer cast Throw Coin.
      • Gang Ruffian’s Poisonous Shank damage reduced by 30%.
      • The Opera Hall: Wikket
        • Winged Assistant health reduced by 30%.
      • Moroes
        • Moroes’ Garrote duration reduced to 1 minute (was permanent).
        • Moroes’ Dinner Party effect now increases the damage and attack speed of nearby dinner guests by 50% (was 100%).
    • Return to Karazhan: Upper
      • Shade of Medivh
        • Flame Wreath damage reduced by 30%.

The thunderous breath change is nice, but what we really need is telegraphing for this ability. RNG and that dot are just stupid right now on higher keys.

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Thanks for reading our feedback! Its really cool when it feels like your being listened to! Big props to the blizzard team! These look like some really good changes!


These are nice, but I think next week when it’s fortified, you are going to notice a whole new slew of stuff that is overtuned.


Its not rng, its 100% baitable, sixy66 youtuber has a video going over it.

To reply to the nerfs, the sleep puddle really could use some better animation especialy when it hides under everything

Maybe true! Thats why we’ll write a whole list of things we find next week too and hopefully can get those fixed also! I chalk it up as a win for everyone!

Why did this take so long to respond to?

Wish the Karazhan nerfs happened sooner but I’ll take what I can get

Goodbye Throw Coin, you won’t be missed

Devs don’t usually frequent this forum at all. I’ve been here for 5 years and only seen a single copy pasta from GD. Not to mention “this is overturned” doesn’t speak to numbers and now they had a full week of group data to go off.

This is not even remotely close enough of a nerf to these dungeons. This last week was both fortified and tyrannical in upper and lower Kara.

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This please!

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There’s a back door that drops you at moroes/attumen.

These changes are nice for sure, but they hardly address any of the problems with Lower Kara. The bosses still have too much health for their given key level, Maiden’s shield is still beyond a forgivable state, most of the mobs during TYRANNICAL week being able to one-shot you is ridiculous, the lack of respawn points at the last boss killed and other such basic things are still going to lead to the majority of Lower keys being bricked.

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It’s a 20s run back.