Season 4 gladiator mount

Does anyone really enjoy the color of this season’s glad mount? Honestly if it were white instead of where the brown is it would fit the “cosmic/eternal” theme AND match the elite sets AND it would look absolutely STUNNING. It could possibly bring more players to play PvP.
I know it’s a long shot but I’d really love to see a different color than brown.
What other colors do you guys think would look good on the gladiator mount? I think white would blow people away. :slight_smile:


It’s unfortunate that they didn’t change the color of the Eternal Drake along with the Keystone Elemental.

It unfortunate that there’s only one mount model for an entire expansion. One armor set per patch. One new weapon per patch.

The game just geniunely sucks


I kinda like it tbh. My favorite of the 4.

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I hate the glad mount it looks so tiny on my character.

1 post away from 6666 posts :astonished:

Is it really brown?

I was kinda hoping for a gold/black scheme. Would look sick

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Yes the mount sucks plz change


I would’ve way preferred to have the white fan art mount instead of the one we got. The recolor is barely different than the previous one and it just doesn’t look prestigious enough esp for the last season of shadowlands. Idk why they’re so bad at recoloring things

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Yeah, it’s brown/black. They could have made it look way better with a simple color change. /Sigh

Yup… could of been dope even with the crappy bronze colored armor! I wish they had changed the wing particle color every season like they did for Legion mounts.


I wish that I knew how to check if there was unused vfx that they just haven’t swapped on.

Because them reusing the Sinful/s1 one for all the drakes feels almost like an oversight.

blizzard doesn’t like putting things that are “too cool” in the game

We live in a time where most people think cool reward for hard to complete goal is a bad thing.

Need to be meh and given out for free to make people happy


feels like they didn’t even try with this one lol

basically elite sets since wod lol