Season 4 Ended - No Points Awarded and Rating Requirements Still in Effect

This seems like a bug based on Blue Posts. Arena points for the final week should have been awarded and rating requirements should be gone. Can’t post the Blue Post link but it was from Kaivax on August 18.


Yeah, I remember reading something about it too; it said requirements shoulda been removed right as the season ended.

That’s the only blue post I’m aware of about S4 gear. Nothing about rating requirements being removed or points being added at a different time than any other week.

edit: My mistake, there was another - rather unclear- snippet reply in the EU side of things.

So rating maybe should be gone, but in all honesty you’re better off waiting for the honor conversion + discount anyway.

this is the post in question

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oh you may be right and a lotta players boutta be mad if this is true

I think it’s safe to assume these things will happen after maintenance. You know, like every week.

you say that but it literally says right there “at season end” so no it’s not like every other week or every other season.

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Every previous season the actual season itself ended prior to the nightly maintenance/reset and you could immediately buy discounted gear and the ratings were gone.

The final weeks points only arrived after reset.

There’s no reason to think this would have changed. Nor should it as many people would have capped arena and honour points.

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