Season 3 PvP Adjustments

For pvp it’s broken. The amount of damage a mage can pump out using this item is insane. It’s hands down the most broken item in any form for pvp and its a level 60 one…

Great changes, thank you!!

I’d still allow gnome net though because it’s such a massive loss that gets bigger and bigger as the expansion goes along for 1 root on a 10 minute cooldown that has a high chance to backfire anyway. It’s not OP. Overall really good change for BC Arenas and I hope to see more to account for the times


Can’t wait to see even more rogues and mages at the top of the brackets.

You won’t see them because you arnt a mage or a rogue at the top mr enh shaman. No playing the game for you.

Good changes, now do Warglaives.


I’ve updated the OP here. I had percentages on the gem. Correctly:

  • Mind Quickening Gem now provides 100 Haste Rating (was 330).

Kaivax. Please look into seriously not doing this for the skull of impending doom. You must see how overly strong rogues and mages already are. Not having this items puts them over the top.

Good changes overall, thanks for the update. Could you please also revert the change to miss% talents being overcome by extra +hit rating and hit talents? This was a change that no serious pvp’er wanted and it buffs the most overpowered class in the game (rogue) and the best performing comp in the game for 2s and 3s (rogue priest, RMP) while also adding more frustrating RNG to a game that already has too much.

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please don’t remove skull. heavily skill based. even net had a high failure rate and needs to stay. like what??

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So you’re nerfing a 5 minute cooldown lvl 60 trinket with a 20s duration to a worthless 6% haste … but leaving the battle chicken as is … a lvl 45 trinket buff that gives 5% haste for 4 minutes, as a group buff, that is stackable?


Please tell us if this is PvP-only or also affecting PvE. You might as well just ban it from arena that would have the same effect and not screw the trinket for PvE uses.

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They already posted that they will be nerfing this item but haven’t figured out the best way yet. Their best idea right now is to make it similar to a drum debuff. Only 1 at a time very few mins.

Also you clearly have no idea how broken it was in pvp.

I don’t think that was their “best idea”. The dev that mentioned tinnitus from chicken specifically said “Here’s a half-baked idea:”. I don’t think they’re actually going to make chickens give tinnitus.

I think what’s most likely going to happen is blizzard adjusts the combat log so that squawks are easier to detect on logs and WCL will end up splitting up logs based on whatever amount the community decides to go with and agrees upon.

imo they should just remove it all together. Having such low level items have such a big impact over lvl 70 content is just silly. This applies equally to MQG in pvp.

Your priest can’t death poly?

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He does, but it’s still one less tool to use against the classes that are already at the top of the bracket.

He’s trolling you mate.

We hate Skull of Impending Doom and we hate Belt, but how to deal with Mage/Rogue now? RMP is already broken in 3s, and Mage/Rogue close to that in 2s, now without Skull i will stay whole game CC’ed instead of 75% of the time.

GG Blizzard


This guy gets it. Trading an item with little to no offensive or defensive value for a one time use that may not even work. Whether that is worth it or not is up to the individual player. Getting rid of these small individual player choices just makes pvp more generic which is how we ended up with retail.

Rogues no longer need to avoid/deal players with skulls to stop their saps and blinds AND they get access to t6 and glaives?! This is a pretty dam early Christmas.

You basically need to run an S tier OP comp or have a rogue in your team to counter sap. If you try and run in you will get sapped out of position and pretty much lose. No belt to slow down the damage is just a little cherry ontop.

or all re-roll humans I guess, but it’s not WOTLK yet…