Season 3 PvP Adjustments

Season 3 will begin with the weekly reset the week of January 17.

Looking back at Season 2, we’ve analyzed the queue data and found that some queue times are taking longer than we’d like to see. To address this, in Season 3:

  • The range of possible opponents will be expanded. This will help match players of different matchmaking levels more quickly. As before, teams with similar ratings who queue at the same will be prioritized to match against each other.

Additionally, we’re making the following changes:

  • Mind Quickening Gem now provides 100 Haste Rating (was 330).
  • Starting with Season 3, the following items won’t be allowed inside Arenas:
    • Nigh-Invulnerability Belt
    • Net-o-Matic Projector
    • Dazzling Longsword
    • Silent Fang
    • Skull of Impending Doom
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10% mqg? its already been nerfed, and now nerfed again? no p3 timeline, but sure nerf items in arena

oh a different post says jan 27th, at least its on a thursday

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Can you also make it so gnome racial can’t get resisted please?

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no net no belt why??? no SKULL??? unsub time i guess

why dont you just release a week later on the 24th so people have time to gear up S1??

This isn’t really clear since the mqg change is on the pvp post; is that an item change, or a change that will only take place in pvp?


just arena

Thank you for making these changes! Please also consider making excess +hit/+spellhit rating counteract “chance to resist” talents (see thread:


Also is arena season starting on the 17th or not? It was showing 24th - now its 17th?? BT and Hyjal 10 days later??

I don’t see what was the problem with belt… I usually need to land a kick lockout or some other CC to even use it safely without getting it instantly purged… or dispelled… or spellstolen… or cycloned…

And if none of that happened, then it probably backfired.

Actually, I even stopped wearing it my end of season push. Not because I couldn’t create moments to get value from it, but because over the course of long matches vs. e.g. Warrior/Druid I found the stats from Veteran’s belt to be more valuable anyway.

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Bye felicia. Belt is bad for the game

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So literally what you guys are saying is that as someone who plays enhancement shaman in arenas (clearly not S-tier), I just lost the two things that made me even somewhat viable. Getting rid of Nigh-Invulnerability Belt, so I die THAT much faster since I’m pretty much always the first target, and then dropping Skull of Impending Doom so my priest can no longer get out of saps/polymorphs? Rogues and mages aren’t strong enough guys, we need to buff them even harder. Absolutely ridiculous. Thanks for continuing to ruin my arena experience.

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Will MQG be nerfed in PvE too? It’s still very commonly used in raiding and PvE content.

If it’s getting a PvE nerf because of PvP stuff that’s some absolute bull, excuse my language. A non-blizzlike nerf to a decent but not broken item that also happens to be incredibly fun to use.


all of the removals are good except skull of impending doom. Skull of impending doom is a skill based item for the most part

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nice 1500 push noob lol

start the season on the 24th please so its in line with PVE!

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Will there be any changes on the Oceanic battlegroup? Currently the population is so low that you can Q arenas at peak hours on a weekend and get nobody. You can literally only do 5v5 games ONCE a week otherwise nobody else plays.
With such a small battlegroup it becomes rife with scummy players cheating.

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Level 60 items shouldn’t really be encouraged to be used in level 70 content.

TBQH surprised Badge of the Swarmguard isn’t also on the list.


Skull was the only thing keeping mages and rogues in check. Removing this item is hilarious.

Did they even look at the ladder and the classes at high ratings?

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For pvp it’s broken. The amount of damage a mage can pump out using this item is insane. It’s hands down the most broken item in any form for pvp and its a level 60 one…