Season 3 Issue


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2020, Revenge of Y2K!

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Nerf healers before this game explodes.


Damage needs nerfed before healers. You could control healers better if you were not constantly going defensive from a 11year old with a 1shot macro about to kill you with no setup.
PvP would be far more balanced if they would just make gear not matter again. Or at they very LEAST make essences purchasable through pvp.


I was curious on the conquest bar as well Im glitch out saying Im full already for the week when I did 1 chest in the great seal area and 1 in nazatar and one assault yesterday in nazmir so idk what to do anyone else have this issue lmk

Insert random complain that is irrelevant to this forum post.


Excuse me, but S3 is over. We’re in off-season, particularly for the Conquest schedule. I’m not arguing, just stating. 8.3 is coming soon™ so it naturally follows that there’s going to be a couple of weeks for the off-season. Understandably this is regarding ratings, but I’ve been aware that S3 is over.

you play DH when are you ever going defensive.

I wish we could purchase everything through PvP, even stuff like rep tokens so that our neck pieces don’t lag behind.

OK I’m unimaginably curious about what is causing this. Could you all please explain what happened once it’s fixed? I love learning about how complex development for this game can be.

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super strong healing makes for boring pvp, they should be nerfed first

Lol no PvP is already slow enough if anything the opposite needs to happen

Current;y at 2104 in 2’s i got it after the bug, the drops im receiving are Rival drops and 430. Never got my Achieve or my Tmog.

Lmao no way…

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Obviously not your only characters but a fire mage and MM hunter saying damage doesn’t need nerfed; When i specifically brought up “1shots” being a huge issue in balance.

rich words coming from a seventeen-hundo boomer. lmfao


There are rumors going around saying that the rating acquired while this issue is pending will be rendered moot. Can Blizzard comment on this please?

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Self healing dps Right?

It would make sense

can we get a response?