Season 2 Dominate Mind Thread

A new post to compile some Dominate Mind stuff. I haven’t been able to experiment much (since it’s only been one day and I didn’t get a ton of PTR testing), but:

Vortex Pinnacle

  • Temple Adept - These are the healers in the later part of the dungeon. They can be dominated to remove them from the interrupt rotation (and they provide quite a bit of healing). You can also drag one from the last pack into the final boss to help out with healing if needed. Will need to re-dominate through the fight though.

Brackenhide Hollow

  • Gutshot - You can dominate the hyenas in this fight for free damage. When gutshot throws meat, they’ll retarget the ally with the meat (and you’ll see the laser to them) but it WILL NOT hit them. They can still be lead into traps. Note you will have to re-MC any that you do MC this fight.
  • Treemouth - You can Dominate Mind one of the slimes - but you’ll have to re-dominate it through the fight, so be wary of globals.

Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr

  • The Earthen Warders in the later parts of the dungeon will cast a meaty shield for party members (Courtesy of Shelanne).

Halls of Infusion

  • Primalist Geomancer - These cast earth shield on your party, which can be useful in that very first pack if your group takes the south path into the triple containment beams. It provides 10% damage mits and a % health heal.
  • Primal Tsunami - You can dominate one of the 4 channelers at the end to stop it from buffing the boss (and your group won’t have to interrupt). Be ready to cancel this MC though because the fight won’t progress until it’s dead.

So I did this last night… it pulled a trash pack on the side and wiped us. I am guessing it’s because I was too close to the enemies at some point, but either way, I wouldn’t recommend this unless you can ensure it won’t do that.

Maybe there’s a way to command it to not do that?

I did do this though! Probably extremely useful on Fortified week.

Happened to a guildie too. Not going to try it out myself until more successful stories get told lol.

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I have not seen this happen, but knowing it does it sounds dangerous. I’ve also done that boss quite a few times. Might have to do with positioning? I’ll make a note in the thread though!

Yeah, I was pretty close to them at some point. When I first did the MC, I was in the “bottom left” of the room as you enter. Then I ended up moving to the top right to find a treasure, and I believe that’s how it happened.

Not sure as I didn’t even see it happening, but my elemental was up there at some point.

Yeah chances are it’s targeting closest then - and if the ele is too close to one side it’ll just run up the gold ramp.

I made a very big warning in the thread :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll still use it till it bites me. Though now I know to be careful. LOL

HoI, last boss, you can Dominate one of the intermission adds to stop the channel buffing the boss if your group is short on CC.

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Don’t dominate mind the add on the last boss in Neltharus because it can randomly target trash and pull them.

If you dominate mind one of the Adepts in Vortex before the last boss it makes that fight much easier because the add spams a 30% hp heal every 3s the entire fight. Its like increasing your hps by +50%.

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Yeah I’ve been dragging the adept in the last pack upstairs into boss every time now lol

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The Warders in Uld are pretty great, they’ll throw some really beefy shields on allies. Sadly they’re in the later half of the dungeon but you can get them for a lot of trash and the golem/last boss.

Thanks - added this to the OP.

Also added a couple things I’ve found over time.

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