Season 1 Start Date?

I keep seeing people saying that Season 1 starts on Tuesday, I haven’t been able to find a single blue post or anything besides a Wowhead article saying “a few weeks after release.” Does anyone have any concrete proof that season 1 starts Tuesday?

I still don’t see a date anywhere in there, that is the same article i referenced saying a few weeks after release.


Oh! You’re right. I was so quick to try to find a link that mentioned it, that didn’t double check how I was searching for dates, and was searching for TBC launch dates, not Arena Season 1 launch dates.

I haven’t been able to find a confirmed reference for a launch date of Season 1 either…

Hmmm, I wonder why so many people are putting faith in an article pre-release that has a vague time frame, I have heard quite a few streamers and youtubers say arena starts next Tuesday! etc… Maybe they just have some inside info. :confused:

I guess we’ll find out in a couple of days. It would be nice to know why they seem to think so, and how we could confirm for ourselves…

(https :// /news/ranked-arena-will-start-in-burning-crusade-classic-on-june-14th-322640

It actually took me several minutes to find this even though PvP is my main thing. That’s how poorly this announcement was spread, and the fact there isnt even a forum or news article without a deep dive search is quite a bad look imo.

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What do you think it says? Can you quote the part that has any relevant information for an Arena start date?

oh for real dude? Remove the 2 spaces I had to put in it to link on the forums. Its a blue post on this forum from 12 days ago.


Nah. It’s literally in the link you posted, in the title, and also in the text :wink:

Last paragraph.

just look up you are terrible at this.

Perhaps… but I am probably worse at trying to be funny :slight_smile:


Read the link you posted…

It says ranked-arena-will-start-in-burning-crusade-classic-on-june-14th

I get that it says it in the link. Honeslty it says more though and yes the joke is a poor one lol.


I mean, in a re-read, it was pretty obvious… imo. but of course my sense of humor biases me towards it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: