Season 1 Gear Rating Reqs

Just logged in to see s1 chest, pants, and head all have 1850 rating required to purchase. Pretty sure that was not the case last week. Am I losing my mind? Thank you kind travelers.


This is nuts, I didn’t see anywhere that they were adding in requirements again


Same. No this was not the case last week. Should be a bug / unintended change. Hopefully they fix soon.

This was an error/glitch on the PTR.

I’m kind of amazed that this got to the game patch. Did they not pay attention to the error/bug reports?

Don’t worry! Blizzard has heard your pleas about season 1 gear being hard to get, so they have patched in a fix to ensure that only the best players can get the best gear, as was originally intended.

We’re not.

It’s a bug, and we’ve got a fix for it heading your way soon.


Thank you for the response.

How about engineering goggles/swift flight form?/Other profession patterns.

You know ppl would actually pvp if you removed the requirements on season 2 weapons. But yah they won’t do that cause they aren’t smart.

What about Engineering goggles? Hundreds of people flying out to the trainer and being confused. Are they being released on September 15th or is this a bug as well?

Thanks for the response. While you’re at it, lets get the price reduction. Guarantee you participation #'s go brrrrrrrrrr. :slight_smile:

While we have your attention.
What is the exact discount supposed to be next week? 20%?50%? It should be 50% because the season was cut short 7 weeks. Also will there still be rating requirements to purchase shoulders/weapon during the offweek since S1 gear rating requirements are being removed in season 2.


Can we get confirmation on rating requirements on S2 gear, Kaivax? PTR had this 1850 rating on most gear as well for S2.

How did this end up happening anyway? Are these ratings intended for S2? If so, why?


are you going to remove rating requirements for all gear in season 2 like it was in original TBC?


So it looks like they fixed this, but shoulders and weapons still have the rating requirements.

You guys can stop asking Kaivax questions, he made his post for the month.


I’m glad I reported this on the PTR and my feedback was reviewed before this was launched live. Oh wait, feedback isn’t in the blizzard vocabulary these days.

It’s kind of like when the state of California told you to stop sexually harassing your employees, that was in a way, a form of feedback.

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Why does any s1 gear (weapons, shoulders) have rating requirements on it, when that wasn’t in TBC?

Do you know that I saw Blizzcon Arena Tournament 2x 2nd place finisher Healingstat queuing at 1600 rating multiple times over the course of 2 weeks?

Why is one of the best players in the world playing 250 rating below the rating requirement for weapons and 400 below shoulder rating?


Won’t see another blue post by him for another 2 months now ! They wasted it on this post !