Season 1 Arena and RBG Title - Final Cutoffs

Do you remember the # of spots for Ally?

some people have been saying 104, some 103, and now this guy 98

If most people saying 171-180 then my numbers probably off, mine are just what I personally counted I could have miscounted or ladders could have changed between when cutoffs were released and when I counted (at 4 EST).

Best way to look at it is if anything cutoffs will be lower than what I have no higher.

Would be nice to have an update from actiblizzard

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can you guys update the cutoffs pls? I want to know if me sitting for a month paid off!! :smiley:

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Can we get an update please?

We will update as soon as we have them finalized but it may take a few days.


Thx for answering. We appreciate when you do


wow, actually answered this time, we appreciate that.
Hope you guys can stay in contact with us thru out season 2.

i hope 2950 was enough on ali 0.0

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Will the next updated cutoffs include those who were DQ’d from receiving titles? Or will the next update be the final cutoffs?


Knowing blizzard, probably just the raw numbers to make their lives easier.

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Yeah, last season there were barely any DQs at all even after they had said they were gunna toughen up on the cheating punishments.


Good question!

Grats on 1st R1, has your heart rate slowed down?

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how you know whats safe?

Not my 1st rodeo :wink:

Yo pk what do u think alli ended at bud?

Id say 2940s is 95% safe. 2930s is 80% safe. Whatever # of spots we were told is off a blue post rating cutoff. No # of spots was given so we don’t know what ladder screenshot was used for cutoff math. Also Amne DQd cuz he said F THIS GAME after 80wins.

I’d remain skeptical having missed r1 by less than 8cr 3x, but I think Akkiira can sleep soundly.

Nerf Sinister Maledict trinket more btw.

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I would agree with this statement. The 2920-2925 spots are the sketchy ones that could go either way. If you’e above 2930 you’re probably fine ally side.

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the rogue having a mental breakdown over r1 prob as fire assas is the funniest thing about this thread

the actual state of this game now jesus christ, maledict trinkets, tank trinkets. It’s like Blizzard saw everyone using the tank trinket during the tourney and instead of thinking “Oh, that’s not good, that’s too strong.” they thought “Oh, wow! People really like this trinket! It must be fun and exciting to use lets make a pvp version!”

Gl on your r1 hoodrich you’re honestly probably fine