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I have been searching for a Guild for quite a while and it’s been a struggle for me to find people to run content with, and I mean running keys and raiding. I have been to a lot of Guilds that say this and say that but I always end up running alone and I am still hopeful believe it or not, that I’ll find a chill Guild that’s tight knit and does stuff together regardless of your differences. Personally I’m a bit awkward maybe? I guess that’s what most people like to think of me and I’m ok with that as I don’t try to let it bother me.

Anyway, moving onto topic here: I believe I’m a fun person to be around, I personally don’t like drama and I try to stay out of it and lots of times I get misenterpreted. But anyway, I personally have lost experience in raiding maybe but I’ve pushed keys alone ever since BFA and gotten about 75% of KSM’s but a lot has occurred between all series of events in my life between my old computer that I had and not having glasses lol… it’s been quite the ride for sure. I now own a computer and I have no lag issues anymore, so there’s that. I still need glasses but as a disabled persopn I don’t get around much in the city that I live in. So, Im hoping I can find a Guild that can give me a legit chance to work on my character and enjoy some fun times. To me, it’s all about the community… progressing is primary and secondary…The reason I say that is because without a Guild that works together to have fun and tackle content is probably not where I’d like to be.

I know this is a long shot but it is what it is… If not then I guess I’ve given my last try to find just that. I’m hoping that I do but if I don’t then I guess I’m going to have to believe that I guess this is just not the game for me and I completely understand but I’ve tried my best to fit in and it just hasn’t worked. So, if anyone wants to seriously sit down and get something going let me know.

Oh, I’m 45 years old and I don’t like toxiciity or elitism of any kind.

Thank you and I hope to come accross some people that wants to give me a chance to grow with you and the rest of yoiur Guild :smiley:

BTAG is: BigBadAzz#1156

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New Moon - Area52 is an AOTC focused guild. We started as a reroll guild in April 2023. Everyone any level, any class, any faction is welcome to join us!

Our raid days are Friday and Saturday 8:30pm - 11pm EST.
We are forming a fresh raid team for the 10.1 patch. Our goal is to hit heroic at a reasonable pace, achieve AOTC every tier and possibly more. Most consumables will be provided for each raid when appropriate.

Our current recruitment needs is some dps. Not really too picky.

If you are not interested in raiding we have people running keys every day. Whether you are doing a +2 or +22 there are people here that will do it with you. :slight_smile:

So if you are interested in joining us, having some fun, and making new friends or have some questions feel free to join us in discord:

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Hey there, we’d be interested in chatting with you to see if we’d be a good fit! We’re recruiting raiders for 10.1 and would love to have another DH join if that’s what you’re maining. We’re a bunch of older raiders ourselves, and we have no patience for toxicity/raging/screeching/etc. Most of our info can be found in our links below, but hit me up if you’d like to chat more about us. :slightly_smiling_face:
Chaotic Neutral is a long-established semi-hardcore guild located on Alliance Turalyon that has been around since TBC! While we aren’t a hardcore CE push guild we do like to push as far as we can into mythic with a relaxed and chill raid environment, we’re a guild that prefers to have fun than get angry about progress.

We raid Tues/Weds from 7:30-10:30 pm EST with an optional Saturday extra prog/alt night in the same time frame if we have the people. If you’d like more info on our previous progress please visit our WoWProg page, for our loot rules please visit our forum post. All we ask of raiders is to research fights and research your own class so you can play to the best of your ability!
For VotI, we were sitting at 8/8H & 3/8M with Sennarth at about 18% on our best pulls before our raid break!
We also have members who love running all levels of keys, and would be happy to bring more people along!

I’ll leave all our additional info below that I recommend checking out, but if you’re interested then please add my btag or discord to get in contact or put in an app on our guild site, hope to hear from you and if not then good luck on your search! :wave:

Guild Site:
Forum Post: [A][Turalyon] - 8/8H & 3/8M | Recruiting for Dragonflight! Class Needs updated!
Guilds of WoW Page:
WoW Progress:
Recruitment Contacts: Btag - GingerHeals#11438 | Discord - Sulveris#2701

sent you a friend request… heres the link to my guild info to check out… i’d be happy to chat with ya!

Let’s chat on Discord.


Thank you for all the replies. I think I may have found a Guild. I appreciate the responses. Good luck to you all!

Hey there,

Your post actually speaks volumes on the social aspect of what this game has become. Guilds just don’t seem to be what they used to be huh.

We are definitely recruiting and based on our ad attached we are trying to rekindle the same “play with your guildies, invest in your guild” you allude to. I do have to also say that most of our people find they they always feel more included when they are active in our discord and not a ghost behind the “green chat”.

Here is our ad post should you want to chat more.

\o take a look and if you are interested to learn more feel free to reach out

Add me on discord: Moth#8186 . We’re prob the guild you want. Let’s chat. We’re mostly 30-50’s

Hello Bigbadazz,

Are you looking for a community to call home, filled with people who will become lifelong friends?? Do you have real-life responsibilities that take up most of your time, and use WoW to de-stress?

If you answered yes then community of guilds is for you. We:

  • Welcome and accept members from all walks of life and experience levels

  • Believe in promoting a space where you can be yourself, without fear of toxicity, discrimination, or overt vulgarity

  • Maintain a fun, non-discriminatory, inclusive environment

  • Have a large active community of over 20 guilds across alliance and horde that push keys, raid, pvp, achievements, and much more.

Our raid team [OG After Dark], one of 7 raid teams within our community, is currently recruiting raiders that want to push into mythic content–either immediately, or eventually.

The team has two immutable rules:

  1. Treat each other like humans, and communicate as adults. We are all people, with the same goals, and we deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion.

  2. Maintain a growth (learning) mindset. A consistent commitment to improvement is worth infinitely more than raw skill.

Besides these two most-important concepts, there are a number of lesser requirements:

  • You must be a tagged member of to join us in raid content. Don’t want to transfer? We have over 20 connected guilds on most large WoW servers.

  • You must have discord and a working mic to raid.

  • Put the guild’s progress above personal loot.

  • Use the tools at your disposal. DeadlyBossMods addon, Weak Auras, Angry assignments, anything else to give you the 1% edge.

  • Run M+ to fill the weekly vault. We will help with this.

End of the day:

Our main goal is to let you play what you want to play. We expect punctuality and commitment to the raid group and respect towards the other raid members. Our bare minimum requirement is to know your class, know the fights, and be willing to learn and improve–for your own benefit, and the benefit of the team. All of these things really should go without saying–you take pride in your skill and abilities. Stick with us, and you will eventually unlock the doors on mythic raiding, and be counted among the best players in the game.

Raid time

Tuesday 6pm PST - 9pm PST

Saturday 6pm PST- 9pm PST


2/8 Mythic Vault

8/8 Heroic Vault

Please fill out our raid team application form below

Contact information

Bnet - Valz#1832

Bnet - AUD1OSL4V3#1614

Mythic Plus

Dungeons are a key part of the game, and are integral in building a gearset to push top content. From learning a new dungeon at the start of an expansion to pushing keys with a group of friends, there is always lots of fun to be had and we could always use another member to help. Keys are a great way to have some fun while making new friends. There is a wide range of keys being pushed, from +2 to +20, and I’m sure in our community you will find members that fit your playstyle.

Cross-Faction Gaming

At the time of this writing, we have guilds on 19 American servers and one OCE server that raid and run dungeons together. We also have a cross-faction community Discord that serves as a hub to connect all of these servers, and let you interface and run content with folks from wherever we are. And we have GIFs.

Tuesday/Saturday raiding does not work for you?

No worries! We offer a variety of other raiding options that fit the raider of all skill levels. We even have basic training for those who are looking to step into raiding for the first time.

Hi there! We are located on Zul’jin. We are welcoming to people from all walks of life and LGBTQ+ friendly. While we do Raid/PVP/M+, we also have plenty of room for people who would like to just take it casually.

We have an Achievements Officer who runs regular achievement/mount/xmog runs and an Events Officer who plans fun things for us all to do together.

We have a PVP Officer if that’s your thing and an M+ Officer as wel.

Our goal is for everyone to feel like they have a home here and for everyone to make friendships that will last. Outside of game, we love to hang out in Discord and even have Discord parties. We are all adults, chill, and have mature senses of humor. We support each other in game and out of game. Hope to hear from you! Contact us on DC: Kristen#2103 or BaristaOverlord#8203

Still looking. I’ve sent some PM’s to a couple of you. I prefer being on Illidan server

Hey there!

Saltforged, on Illidan is searching for a DH for mythic raiding. We also run keys and play other games together during the week.

Current Prog: 3/9M (6/8M VOTI)
Raids: Wed & Thurs 7-9:30pm cst

My discord is .marsela if you’d like to chat!