Seal of Command - Bugged

Currently Seal of Command is Bugged, how it seems to work at the moment is you swing, and then the server doesn’t calculate whether or not the attack will trigger Seal of Command until the next server batch,

How it should work is you swing, the server calculates whether or not the swing will trigger Seal of Command or not instantly as the white swing occurs, and then the 0.5 second delay occurs/server batch for the following Seal of Command proc / yellow swing to happen.

In Classic this bug can cause a number of broken interactions for paladins, where Seal of Command can be interrupted by stuns/fears/ccs if the cc hits the paladin as they white swing, and the following Seal of Command hit which should occur will never end up hitting the target… this is on top of interrupts due to cc which can occur during the 0.5 second delay between calculating if the seal will proc and the swing actually occurring, definitely broken.

There are multiple points of evidence and reference for this, firstly everyone knows how Seal Twisting worked in the TBC with the current version of bugged Seal of Command, this mechanic wont work, how it worked was as the white hit landed you would swap seals and the new seal would be applied to both the white hit and seal of command.

Secondly we have actual video footage where you can see paladins seal twisting, swapping the seal before seal of command procs, and seal of command still going off. So we know for a fact this is how the seal should work, however if you repeat this process on classic, it doesnt function like that… if you swap seals in classic after the white swing but before Seal of Command procs, Seal of Command will not proc.

Please fix this spell, currently it is definitely bugged, theres video evidence of it and its implication in classic are that paladins are potentially being robbed of seal of command attacks every time they are cced as a swing goes off… Just look at videos of the actual gameplay…


How hilarious. This needs fixed. Paladins are in a nerfed state and warriors are in a buffed state in classic due to little bugs like these.


Wow. Talk about a nerf


Here’s logs, and recorded footage documenting the bug - as seen seal of command was interrupted by the stun:

Video Footage:

Combat Log:

9/2 07:51:16.012 SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS,Creature-0-4671-1-10641-4143-00006C3C11,“Sparkleshell Snapper”,0x10a28,0x0,Player-4669-00076537,“Archeon-Arugal”,0x511,0x0,6730,“Head Butt”,0x1,0000000000000000,0000000000000000,0,0,0,0,0,-1,0,0,0,0.00,0.00,1441,0.0000,0
9/2 07:51:16.012 SPELL_AURA_APPLIED,Creature-0-4671-1-10641-4143-00006C3C11,“Sparkleshell Snapper”,0x10a28,0x0,Player-4669-00076537,“Archeon-Arugal”,0x511,0x0,6730,“Head Butt”,0x1,DEBUFF

> 9/2 07:51:16.404 SPELL_CAST_FAILED,Player-4669-00076537,“Archeon-Arugal”,0x511,0x0,0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0x80000000,20424,“Seal of Command”,0x2,"Can’t do that while stunned"

9/2 07:51:16.404 DAMAGE_SHIELD,Creature-0-4671-1-10641-4143-00006C3C11,“Sparkleshell Snapper”,0x10a28,0x0,Player-4669-00076537,“Archeon-Arugal”,0x511,0x0,7273,“Lightning Hide”,0x8,0000000000000000,0000000000000000,0,0,0,0,0,-1,0,0,0,0.00,0.00,1441,0.0000,0,9,9,-1,8,0,0,0,nil,nil,nil


Well ouch. It is a spell failing rather than just getting eaten between batches.

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That is the interaction which occurs if the Seal of Command is interrupted as a result of cc after the spell proc calculation has already occurred.

The spell does not even calculate whether it is procced or not until seemingly after the next server batch following the initiating white swing… which is not accurate and based on recorded evidence is a bug, that means that if you had Seal of Command up and swapped to a different seal too fast after the initial white swing occurred, that Seal of Command would never actually proc; since the calculation seemingly occurs during the following server batch, meaning seal twisting; a known and documented interaction within The Burning Crusade wont work with Seal of Blood… simultaneously this currently allows paladins to retroactively apply Seal of Command after a white swing has already occurred and still be able to trigger Seal of Command… regardless of whether the swing had already happened, a result of spell batching.

The chance to proc based on previous video footage of the actual game shows that swapping seals exactly as the white swing occurs should not effect whether Seal of Command should proc or not… Currently in classic it does, and this seems to be an inaccurate interaction of the spell.

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I guess that explains why I can swap from wisdom to SoC and get a second SoW proc still.

Now that I think about it that was a back in october when I tested that…

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yeah I haven’t done any further testing on it since I initially reported the bug, late last year; crazy 6 months or more without being addressed…

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At least we found out the reason why SoR can’t be used to seal twist. That extra damage from rank 3 SoR would be nice to use.

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How I see it, is that the issue is a little more complex, and is fundamentally related to issues with the scripting of Seal of Command; and potentially Seal of Righteousness as well, but that isn’t the focus of this thread…

Currently it seems Seal of Righteousness cannot be triggered off of Seal of Command; whether or not this is accurate scripting or not is questionable in itself since Seal of Blood did proc off of Seal of Command; and given that Seal of Command is a melee swing in all rights, and so should trigger anything a melee swing should be able to e.g Seal of Righteousness… it stands to reason Seal of Righteousness should be triggered by it as well, unfortunately this bug has been reported multiple times and blizzard has never confirmed or denied it… which presumably means they are just plain ignoring it.

Meaning the interaction: [White + SoR + SoC + SoR] in one swing, which based on all reason and logic should work, doesnt work… due to bugs in Classic scripting or unknown reasons?

Setting aside the question of whether Seal of Command should be proccing a seal twisted, Seal of Righteousness, for a moment.

An interaction which should definitely function, and we know this because its literally documented in recorded game footage, would be that you should be able to twist Seal of Righteousness off of Seal of Command as soon as a white swing initiates, and yield at a minimum a Seal of Righteousness hit on the initial white hit and a Seal of Command hit which should or should not proc Seal of Righteousness, based on whether the initial scripting is correct.

e.g [White + SoR + SoC… and maybe another SoR]

This is known because in the videos we can clearly see that seal twisting in The Burning Crusade affected both the initial white swing and the following Seal of command swing.

e.g [White + SoB + SoC + SoB]

since we are not getting at a minimum:
[White + SoR + SoC]

When Seal Twisting, or at the most:
[White + SoR + SoC + SoR]

Due to these reasons it is self evident that the scripting of Seal of Command currently does not match the actual correct scripting of the spell; an interaction more then likely a result of the fact that the calculation of whether or not Seal of Command should proc is being delayed to the next server batch… and so swapping before the batch, cancels the effects of Seal of Command, whereas swapping after means that the effects of Seal of Righteousness are not applied to the initial white swing…

The reason seal twisting in TBC worked at all is because you would be able to swing, it would instantly calculate whether SoC would proc or not, and then before the next server batch you would swap seals, this meant that when the server batch happened it would check, see you had a seal such as Seal of Righteousness or Seal of Blood active, and apply the relevant damage effect of that seal… then the Seal of Command proc which was already confirmed to happen at the instance of the swing would trigger and the seal you had twisted to would be applied to that as well… in effect 4 swings from 1 attack.

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Well, the biggest thing that bugs me is the fact that if I cast judgement at any point between the white text and yellow text, SoR refuses to proc at all. Has cost me so many extra swings and my life a few times because it was too hectic to pay attention. Back in vanilla it was a sure tactic to cast judgement as I walked up into players to activate my reck charges. I could judge right after the swing with no ill effects. Now I end up with only 1 SoR proc unless I wait for the second “batch” of SoR Procs to go off. I physically see the delay in the combat log. 1 physical attack then another instant 4. 1 SoR, then 4 SoR. The fact that the primary SoR seems to happen in an even later batch than the extra swings from reckoning makes it seem like that could actually be the issue.

Possible order of events for SoC:

Batch 1: white hit
Batch 2: received ok to cast SoC hit from server (this is where the failure can come into play as the client side casting is interrupted during this batch and the server determines the interrupt happened first)
0.5 second delay cancels or continues with the hit independent of batch or with a new batch. No one but blizz knows the answer.

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yeah… I think this all comes back to this fake spell batching which got implemented, the original blizzard developers have since made it clear that certain mechanics were hard coded to be prioritised and ignore the batch and be resolved instantly… it seems as if this hasnt been done in classic.

I think I might put my last post into a new thread, dealing with seal of command and spell batch interaction, since its kind of on a tangent to this one.


Does this affect seal of righteousness too?

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It’s really easy to test it. Just have someone wait to stun you on your swing timer completion.

I want to say it does, but with how often it doesn’t proc regardless or show up as combat text my memory does not have a definitive answer.

I won’t be able to test it myself until tomorrow.

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Still not fixed?

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Not fixed. You can still lose the SoC proc. SoR will not proc with SoC.

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