Scummy lvl booster at heroic

Just posting to say i see you blizz removing that from the base game. Or is that Activision being scummy. Something stinks


  • The complete Battle for Azeroth experience
  • Includes level 110 character boost
  • Pre-purchase today to use your 110 character boost, and begin the journey to unlock playable Allied Races.

Blizzard doesn’t come to this forum. If you want them to see your opinion you would need to post in a forum such as General Discussion, or use the in game feedback tool.

I’m confused as to what you’re getting at though. You’re upset that they are including a 110 boost?

So are you for or against the level boost? They removed the level boost from Legion when it became part of the base game, and any expansion before that offered a level boost. It being removed when Shadowlands pre-patch comes out should be no surprise, even if they removed it sooner (with notice, but I haven’t seen that yet). Once Shadowlands is here, the only boost will be the one that comes with the Deluxe+ versions and it will change to level 50 with the level squish.