Screen tearing

I just resubbed after 6 months away. Now I am getting screen tearing. This was never a problem before. I updated my Nvidia drivers and that didn’t help. I am locked at 60Fps and set my refresh rate to 60, still not working. Any idea?

Hi Linaphor

Let’s start with a DXDiag system report:

The second section of page has DXDiag report instructions - we don’t require the MSinfo report.

That will be a wall of text. If you have issues pasting on the Forum here go ahead and put it up on Provide the link code portion of the URL - example below.

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Alternately you can place the link in a Preformatted Text box. Paste the link in the chatbox - then highlight it. Click the preformatted text button along the top of the chatbox - looks like this </>

Will look like this example afterwards:

Ok I will try this. Also this only happens in classic, I have no problem in retail

Nothing stands out in the DXDiag - few errors that I don’t think are related. Your mention that this is only occuring in Classic points us there. Let’s get that game on a new UI as a test.

As I mentioned this is a test. If it doesn’t help simply remove the OLD from your original folders then delete the new folders the game installed. This will return your original settings

Yup that worked thanks.

Good to see Linaphor