Screen shaking on certain abilities

Recommend by the technical support forum to report this as a bug.

This is an issue I have been having for months now. My screen will shake when using certain abilities, such as hammer of the righteous on my paladin or chaos strike on my demon hunter. It looks like my entire screen is being squeezed for a very small amount of time. You can see it here:

The shaking is subtle but noticeable when I use hammer of the righteous. No, its not part of the animation. No, I am not seeing things. I am not moving the screen with my mouse. I played my DH for years and my screen did not start shaking like this until December. I do not have a free sync or g sync monitor.
I have tried:
-Using Direct x 11 instead of 12

  • Setting Physics interactions to player only and off.
    -Vertical Sync on and off
    -Setting my monitor to every refresh rate possible (60,100,120,144hz)
    -Using different monitors
    -Resetting my ui my by deleting my cache, interface, and WTF Folders
    -Reinstalling windows
    -Updating video/chipset drivers.
    -Using /console cvar_reset and /console cvar_default
    **-Playing on an entirely different computer, still have the same issue. **
    -Making sure the action cam is turned off with /console actioncam off

The abilities that trigger the screen shake for me are: demon’s bite, chaos strike, and hammer of the righteous.

And here is a previous thread I made on this issue:

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