Scrap Premonition completely!

Please. The Rotating buff concept is terrible. I can’t believe after all the conplaints and issues with the first version, the only thing they changed was WHO gets buffed. To me that was just one of MANY issues with Oracle. This is the only double healing hero talent in the game and it’s so depressing to see it reduced to buff slot machine.

Try again. Start over. Don’t tweak Premonition. Delete it.


You choose the buff yourself every time, there’s nothing “Slot machine” about it.

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Can you explain how? It’s not clear to me in the description.

I don’t think they meant slot machine as in “random choice.”

It’s still a horribly irritating-looking talent that amounts to nothing more exciting than a performance tax. This new version isn’t as cognitively unbearable as the previewed was, but it’s still going to be added complexity on a class that’s already either loaded with ramp (Disc) or reliant on fast reactions (Holy).

And it doesn’t even have the saving grace of not requiring an additional keybind anymore.

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I’m going to take a wild guess and say that using AoE healing spells will activate Premonition of Piety while single-target heals will activate Premonition of Solace. Not sure what would activate Insight, but most likely buffs or other utility spells. Or it’s just going to cycle through each of the three as you cast spells until you pop whichever one you want then reset.

Overall, it feels like they don’t know how to implement the Disc/Holy Hero talent tree without it just being heavily focused on heavily buffed healing spells that are just going to cause overhealing and/or future nerfs to the class. I think they just need to scrap the concept of Oracle entirely and maybe try to focus on something like an “Inquisitor” or something. Have it encourage the use of damaging abilities that directly/indirectly buffs the specific spec’s healing abilities.

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I agree.
I hate this mario kart design.
I hate the micro-management design.

You still have to shuffle this ability around, especially when reaching the “narrowed visions / fatebender” talent.

honestly, this concept is just not fun.

i don’t even want them to do at third attempt on this. We won’t have enough time again like Dragonflight!

just scrap it and rethink of something new.


My problem with it is that it feels like it totally misses on the fantasy it’s trying to sell.

When I hear ‘oracle’ I’m immediately thinking prophecy or divine insight. Ways to get this across:

  • Preventing damage
  • Debuffing enemy damage
    • Mindgames-like effects?
  • Preventing CC (like precog)
  • More battlefield control
  • Maybe a “Cast this spell now, gain a reward” type system.
    • IE: Premonition is for PW:S, next time I cast it, my heals also shield people for x% of their healing till my next premonition.

What Blizzard made was:

  • 2 preventative rotational spells get slightly better
    • PW:S gets more buffs from Voidweaver though! We’ll see about Archon.
  • Every minute get a buff to your healies, or if you heal too much, it’ll overflow to others!
  • Premonition of Insight is the only one that kinda fits the theme of pre-planning.

I think there’s still places they could go with it. I just really would like the fantasy of the spec make more sense. The current mechanics don’t really feel like ‘premonitions’ at all.

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So far, without any testing and it’s still not fully developed they’ve changed the focus from buffing other classes to empowering ourselves. That’s a good change, imo I wasn’t interested in being a buff bot.

I wish they would bring back our Divine Spirit buff from vanilla and add it in some where.

Totally agree, without testing just by seeing the description of the talent, I have already lost the interest. It is absolutely boring and no creativity. As the only double healer talent, it looks like a joke.

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I so want a holy dps spec…

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The actual Premonition buff isn’t that powerful and it’s just an extra button. Divine Word basically does the same thing, but better.


I play a Holy Paladin and Premonition doesn’t look that different from Blessing of Summer tbh.

I hope the other Holy Priest hero talent tree is good though, because I really really want to play my Holy Priest next expansion.

They’ve already made me consider not playing Warlock because neither of the Destro Warlock trees make me feel like a Destro Warlock.

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Delete premonition

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I just don’t think it FEELS HEROIC…as is the point of hero talents…


but we…cast…rotating baby buffs? That is SUPER weak.

I would rather summon a pair of valkyrs or spirit guardians to descend from the heavens as a huge healing CD. Or one of each with the valkyr mitigating damage the tanks take, while guardians help heal the raid…something thematic and epic to see…