Scourge invasion Event

I’ve heard that some shady collusion crap for the Naxx event might be simmering in the background with the same guilds who did the AQ collusion crap on my server. If I get any certainty on it I’m telling everyone because there is absolutely no net benefit to anyone with this but the guilds involved.

Anyway that was somewhat off topic. I agree with the increasing from 100. I do not expect this however.


Scourge invasion Dec 1, Naxx opens Dec 3rd.

I am worried about this too as my guild and I really want the three full days to do zombie survivor rp. It would be epic if we are forced into just hold up Old Town and maybe the Pig and Whistle.

This works too

I highly doubt Blizz will take it in mind. They only fix stuff AFTER everyone had a bad experience and sometimes not at all. They don’t have the muscles to be proactive.

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You will always be able to get the 18 slot bag. This is not tied to the event.

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Nonono, that is how it is. Raid is delayed 2 days after patch

Good to know.

ur gonna get an unplayable laggy experience where the server crashes and none of the 13 hours you waste trying to interact with npc and cast spells actually happens and youre going to be told you like it and in 20 years from now you will start to agree

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No, the patch drops the 1st. The event and naxx both occur on the 3rd.
(according to the sticky)

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I am hoping we get clarification out of this. While I want to raid Naxx, I also want to participate in the event.

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Agreed, but what more clarification do you need beyond the very clear part I quoted above?

This is just another thing that nobody asked for, and was done anyway despite the void of logic in the decision.

Well, in vanilla when server populations were low, the event lasted about 2 weeks. Are they going to adjust it considering the high population now, or is it going to be over in 24 hours because of the zug zug nature of everyone on these servers now.

What you quoted doesn’t answer ALL the question. It only answers what day it is coming out. We all know that, but there are more details needed as there are people who want to participate in the event and don’t want to miss it because their guild chooses to jump right in to Naxx.

Ah, you just want to know what the duration will be. Got it.
I was just clarifying that both the event, as well as naxx, open simultaneously.

Have to assume that the duration will be as long as vanilla, but who knows at this point how blizzard is handling things.

Woops i got the date wrong in my OP. I changed what i wrote to reflect the correct date the scourge invasion happens, which is Dec 3rd.

Which leads me to my next question. What time would the event begin? 12:00pm server time?

same for me

A fair amount of Alliance are Horde players themselves. It’s the game we currently play, subs are cheap.

That’s true. I have two accounts. These coalitions are not always about the players on both factions being the same though.

I’m glad to say this isn’t happening on my server, the world PVP has been great actually, so I’m happy. It is happening on other servers I’ve heard. I don’t know if it’s horde with alliance alts or just guilds grouping up together like it was on my server for the AQ scarab farming.

Yeah, I was going to add it’s not as feasible as bug grinds as the nodes attract all kinds of players.

Good luck with your invasions.