Scorched Feet, Visions

Can we please remove scorched feet?

It is not fun being thrown around constantly, either out of Melee range, being unable to cast, or just be getting thrown into trash packs you didn’t want to pull.

You make mechanics that require you to move out of and also add a mechanic that punishes you harshly for moving. Even worse when you get thrown into a wall so that mechanic you tried to move from still hits you because you’re stuck against the wall.

Its just plain unfun. All the other modifiers I’ve tried weren’t nearly as frustrating as this one. If you don’t want to remove it, can you at least increase the timer between each one? It feels like it happens every 5 seconds or so, increasing to 10 or 15 might reduce the frustration of having the feeling of constant loss of control of my character.


Agreed, this is so annoying. Bounces you out of combat range and throws of some abilities and trinkets your trying to use.


Dont tell them its not fun or they will think they did a good job and put it into M+…


You do understand that the point of the madnesses is to impose complications on the run, yes? Like affixes in M+.


I agree. When I was reading about the different effects in each area before heading into the vision, I thought “oh, that doesn’t sound so bad.” Boy was I wrong. This is probably the most annoying one we’ve encountered yet. >_<

I actually found it kind of fun; it made things more fast-paced than usual without doing something detrimental like lowering General TTK.

Once I got the hang of it, I was using it to bounce out of bad or to the next mob.


I completely agree.

A) The frequency of this effect is too high. It creates an entirely aggravating combat experience that is not, in my opinion, offset by any feeling of competence once you do learn to quasi manage it. Making it less frequent would allow you to control for the effect better, and would decrease the aggravation it causes.

B) This effect, paired with certain class abilities and / or items, is compounded and made even more frustrating by the additional loss of control. For example, the levitate effect on the Humming Black Dragonscale (HBD), which is a frequent and uncontrollable proc, causes you to travel much further, particularly given any elevation change present at the time. This is not something that can be controlled well, as often in the visions, you must move out of some ground effect or mob ability. If you are unfortunate enough at the time to have the HBD proc up and then get launched by scorched feet, you will travel quite a distance with no recourse. The random and uncontrollable nature of this causes frustration and nothing more. Mechanics that are random and not (read effectively not) able to be countered are neither fun nor constructive.

While I agree in part with the sentiment that ‘madnesses are meant to impose complications on the runs’, I do not agree that simply because a complication exists, that it therefore lends value to the run. The difficulty / impact of a mechanic should be offset by manageability and a feeling of reward once it is managed. Given its current state, I believe that scorched feet is neither sufficiently manageable nor rewarding, relative to the amount of aggravation that it causes. This is not to say that it is completely unmanageable, but rather that the consequence is disproportionate to the recourse.

I think it would be easy to lessen this aggravation by simply decreasing the frequency of its occurrence, or by decoupling it from item / class effects, such as the levitate on HBD, if it were not desirable to just remove the effect entirely.

However, given the state of 8.3 and the long list of other, much larger problems (corruption imbalance, the awful essence / azerite / reputation / coalescing vision grinds, the entirely unacceptable class imbalances in pvp and M+, etc.), I’d say that the devs should probably fry bigger fish.


Definitely disagree as a solo player. It’s disruptive, sure (more so than last week’s t2 madness, at least), but you control which direction you jump so it’s not really unfair or anything.

Helps that I had my first experience with it as a caster this week, so I was needing to stand still to cast anyway. Made it very easy to remember that I could use it to jump out of mechanics or do something else useful. Playing it back as melee I found myself flying all over the place in combat, but even then I know I’m controlling it so whenever I go flying out of melee range or past something I need to click I just laugh at myself for being dumb. (bonus points if I just lit that cage I need to click on fire, and have to run back into it!) And besides, it’s offset by having a much easier t3 madness this week, and I’d prefer easier lost areas to easier corrupted ones.

Possibly more annoying in groups, though the fire patches aren’t large and don’t do all that much so I doubt it’s all that bad. Definitely more annoying with the levitate trinket… but honestly, that’s more atrocious trinket design than anything else.

It’s an incredible pain in groups that don’t understand the mechanic. When you have 2 or 3 players that think they need to dance with the debuff and leave fire everywhere. Solo it’s very doable as is.

I found it very annoying in the two runs I did this week as well. It was funny at first, then got frustrating.

Did you go solo or in groups? I usually run visions with wild charge, didn’t need to when I learned how to use this mechanic lol

I always do the visions solo.

I should note the Wrathion trinket is what made the fire patches so bad. Turns the forced jump into a really slow frontal Disengage.

Eww. Yeah, I’ll be mindful of that. I’m still running urchin and loaded dice, haven’t gotten anything from the new raid yet.

Yup went back to Cyclo and Dice after that run lol.

There needs to be counter play to scorched feet. Like give us a timer. Let us be able to active the jump early if we jump. Or something to convey when the jump will happen. A tooltip or something!

Running on my destro lock, the charge just stays on you while you sit still, the next time you move you leap 25 yds. It’s not super enjoyable when trying to get from place to place, but in combat (provided I don’t leap onto a lamp post in the fire) it’s a huge movement upgrade.

That’s literally already how it works.

Screen flashes red, moment later you get the fire debuff. If you move with the fire debuff you jump in the direction you moved. Until you move you take inconsequential ticking damage.

Once you move, you jump in that direction and create a pool of fire behind you that does damage to you and enemies, but does not drain sanity.


This red screen you speak of does not show up on my ui

I’ve never noticed a red screen either, but my character does appear on fire, which is plenty as far as visual cues go.

The problem I had when I first encountered Scorched Feet is that I’m rarely, if ever, stationary in combat. I’m always running around, strafing back and forth, etc. (not for any reason really, just something to do), so it seemed like Scorched Feet was just flinging me off in a random direction. Once I understood that by standing still, I could control which direction it launched me it became much more manageable, an asset even.

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It is an asset, once you stop treating it as a mysterious and unpredictable calamity.

I think of it as a free omnidirectional Disengage.