Scope to Weapon Counts Towards 32 Buff Slots?

Apparently a guild full of players that would put a scope on their weapon as a warrior.

There’s a few +dmg scopes and then a RANGED hit scope.

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Well, there’s no reason not to put on a scope as a warrior—unless there’s a buggy buff cap.

we clear MC in 45 minutes at most, how long does it take you?

It’s not buggy if it’s intended when it comes to items like scopes and arcanums :slight_smile:

We never hit buff caps in vanilla because we never had that many buffs honestly, no one went out of their way for all these buffs.

Yeah, true. But we know at least part of it was buggy since they had to fix it. Maybe they’ve got it right, now?

You’re the one that put a useless scope on a ranged weapon…


Explain how it is useless when it increases the damage of the weapon

Sorry, I forgot about the warrior sniper spec…


Warriors use ranged weapons for pulls. Melee in general use ranged weapons when sitting in roots or when it is otherwise difficult for them to be in melee. Maybe after you spend some time at 60 you will know a little more about the game.

Ah yes, that 7 dmg is going to make so much of a difference in those extremely minor situations.

Face it, we didn’t know back then if scopes counted against the buff limit because no one hit buff limit back in the day, now we do so it’s a problem, but if scopes counted against it back then, they should now.

If you want to screw with the buff limit, might as well remove the debuff limit


Sorry, good players make every advantage they can get, especially if it is cheap and simple like applying a scope. Until Blizzard comes in with their awful, unpredictable game design.

yes, Vanilla does have some awful, unpredictable game design.

Spend some times at 60… LOL. I bet if they put it in, you would rush out and get a +7 unarmed enchant too!

Warriors use their guns maybe once per fight, and do almost no damage with it. It used as a ranged taunt, nothing more. Putting a scope on it really isn’t going to do much, and as it takes a buff slot and costs gold, it’s doubly silly.


As this thread details, it’s not an advantage, and for several reasons.

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Great goodly moogley, this thread is old.

Pretty sure they changed this. A scope buff does not show up in Warcraft Logs.

There are more than 32 buff slots.
And sometimes you can lose buffs even at 20ish
Classic is weird

Did you eat paint chips as a kid? There are buffs used by many things not shown in the buff bar. Procs in specs, stances, etc. There are 32 buff slots, period.

You can have buffs pushed off long before the supposed 32 cap.
It is also possible to have buffs past 32 as well
It is not a simple “I can only have 32 buffs” though it does generally work as a general sense, but classic is weird

False… It is hidden buffs pushing things off and you never go over 32. Everything counts. Hots, shields, etc.