School of Hard Knocks/Hail to the King, baby ACHIVEMENTS

For some reason, this year the orphan zandalari is not giving credit towards those meta achivements. Killed Ymiron while the orphan was out 3 times…no credit. Captured 3 bases in AB while the orphan was out…no credit neither.

I honestly have no idea what is the problem, maybe those are bugged or it could cause internal problems because i’m doing this on a nightborne character.


Currently the Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch maps are bugged for School of Hard Knocks. Multiple people attempted to return the flag in Warsong, but to no avail. This may be due to the recent graphical update of both of these maps. I hope they fix this before the end of the week, this is the last achievement I need for the Violet Protodrake!

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Same here! Last achievement I need for the Violet Proto-Drake. I as well and a bunch of others have tried the Arathi Basin and Warsong Gultch portions of the achievement. After attempting to dismiss and resummon our Orphans and also retry the criteria multiple times we gave up. I can’t imagine Blizzard would make us wait another whole year just to get this one achievement after already waiting a full year to get here in the first place. All the other achievements should be working though. Just the two reworked BGs aren’t working for the “School of Hard Knocks” achievement.

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I aint getting credit for hail to the king, baby neither.

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Hope this is fixed ASAP. This events achievments are the last ones I need for the proto drake also. Waiting another year sounds really lame.

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Just want to confirm-- we made a live hotfix to Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch about two hours ago.

Thank you for the report!


Again thank you for getting back to us! I’m sure we all greatly appreciate it!