“School of Hard Knocks” Achievement Bugged

With the new rework to Warsong Gultch and Arathi Basin this achievent is now bugged. Returning a fallen flag in Warsong and Assaulting a flag in Arathi are currently not working. I myself as well as many others that have been with me have experienced this. We have tried resummoning our Orphans and attempted to retry the criteria a few times and nothing. After reviewing other forums on EU and posts on Twitter it appears everyone is having this issue.

Now normally I would submit a bug and be done with it, but this event comes around once a year and it is the very last thing keeping me from the “What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been” achievement for the Violet Proto-Drake. These are arguably some of the most tedious achievements for a lot of us and I have waited all year for this moment. I am trying everything I can do to reach out and get this fixed because after this week is over, I essentially have to wait a whole year on top of this previous year just to try for this one achievement again. A whole years worth of waiting and now it has come to this. Such a shame.

I would love some form of communication from Blizzard just to know they are seeing this and looking into getting this fixed as it is an urgent issue that needs to be resolved before the event ends.


Fix this fr fr

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Can confirm this bug. Assaulted flags in AB and returned flags in WSG with no credit.

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Just want to confirm-- we made a live hotfix to Arathi Basin and Warsong Gulch about two hours ago.

Thank you for the report!


YOU ARE THE BEST!! GO BLIZZARD! Thank you so much for getting back to us! :smiley:


Wonderful! Upon logging out and back in I was given credit for part of the achievement. Now to just return a flag in WSG XD

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please remove alterac valley from the critera if possible, ive been trying to get into a single alterac valley since this event has become live and im litterally not getting any que for that specific battleground, i didnt even know the WSG and AB bugs were even a thing. also been trying multiple level brackets to try get a que pop and nothing

Now if you guys could hotfix the hordes ability to hide on the top of their base for the whole battleground that would be great.