Schematic: Elemental Seaforium Charge MISSING

As said in title, this schematic is completely missing from both of the Consortium Reputation Vendors.

We can learn flying machine, but it still requires 4x elemental seaforium charge to make.
And there’s nowhere else to get the charges other than engineers that make it.

Ergo. We can learn it, but never, ever make it until this schematic is added in.

And before you ask - I have revered. Grinded an extra 6 hours just for it.
I checked both vendors, both before learning flying machine and flying, and after.
It’s not a limited quantity item from either vendor.
The schematic isn’t there.


Seconded. Incredibly frustrating bug, also grinded to revered, not able to buy schematic in order to make flying machine.

wowhead has the as a 2.51 schematic… came here trying to see if anyone has found a schematic: adamantite arrow maker either been farming archers for like 3 hours now

There’s a single comment on wowhead claiming that the schematic wouldn’t be added until Black Temple opens up. I can’t believe that would be the case when other learnable schematics with this dependance are in the game. 99.69% sure it’s a bug, so is there been any word on it from Blizzard?

They hotfixed it in last night.