Scarab Lord Revenge

For all of those who have had their bug mount questing squelched, there is a chance for revenge.

You who feel disgruntled, tread upon, and vengeful can rally together with the masses to stop the colluders and exploiters.

There are 3 world bosses that can be griefed to slow or even stop their progress quite easily with enough people. 3 more bottlenecks to catch up and show those dirty colluding cheaters that they have not won. 3 more chances to get back in the race.

How many people can you convince to aid your cause. How many have had their hopes and dreams crushed and would gladly drink in some vengeance.

This race is not over yet.
Good luck


Wasting your time to punish others for wasting your time is a recipe for a bad day.

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It seems to me like many have already had a bad day. Maybe the wicked colluding cheaters deserve a bad day. or maybe they deserve a bad week.


Sure, but remember that this is a game, under normal circumstances you can’t make other players have a bad day. Any time somebody makes you have a bad day in a video game, in reality it’s you just taking the game too seriously.

There is no integrity to begin with, there’s nothing to be upset about. Oh no you don’t get to lose an extra bank slot with a new mount, it really has no value unless you choose to say it does.


uehehe by that extension the car dealer screwing you over by 5 grand because he could also has no real value, since eventually you will die and you can not take your car into the grave with you.

So just relax bro

screwing people over 5 grand has real value, 5 grand :confused: that’s enough wow token money to easily afford scarab lord. Just trade retail gold for classic and you’re golden.

Having a black scarab doesn’t, worse, the people helping you could be out there screwing people out of 5 grand, and you could be a millionaire. Crusade could be a multidollar company.

we onto something. Lets quit whatever we doin and take over the world. Mount the donkeys

I play the game to escape from reality not support a pyramid scheme, and I find what’s going on right now genuinely amusing. I think blizzard is learning a lot about their playerbase from this event alone. I think they’re finding it amusing too.

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How amused would those cheaters with no qualms about collusion be if the war effort turnins were completed so the gong had to be rung at 3am.


High Warlord>Scarab Lord

glad i picked the right grind


no bro, both are kinda losers


how much unbuffed health you at atm?

5800 in pvp spec


the Nightmare Manifests (RAID)

“Accepting this quest [Keeper Remulos] starts the event, so make sure your raid is ready. The raid must defend Nighthaven until [Tyrande] arrives. Once you accept the quest, [Keeper Remulos] will speak, then he will walk up to Nighthaven. Shortly after he walks onto the wooden platform that overlooks Lake Elun’ara, the event begins.”

“THE QUEST FAILS if [Keeper Remulos], [Eranikus, Tyrant of the Dream], or [Tyrande] dies, or the quest holder gets too far away from [Keeper Remulos].”

Moonglade seems like an easy place to stick it to those dirty dirty colluding cheaters.

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Or you can open a ticket and say you think you were mass reported and squelched. That is, if the squelch is appealed. They can look into who reported you and for what reason.

lol says the loser who wishes he could attain either one but never will

I really don’t want either bro :frowning:

Edit: The mount sucks, and t2 > r13

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i dont know how it is for rogues, but rank 12-13 is still bis for warriors. oh btw enjoy competing with your fellow dps rogues and warriors for weapons out of aq. im good till naxx with my rank 14 axes :slight_smile:

The value of an item is whatever a general consensus deems it to be.

Your statement could also apply to the “5 grand.” 5 grand has no real value. It’s only paper after all.

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