Scammed and cannot submit a ticket. Please assist

A few days ago, I ran a player through Old Hillsbrad, Karazhan, and Shattered Halls. He agreed to 5,000g per run. He logged out when we did Shattered Halls and did not pay me. A few days later, I contacted him and asked for payment. He did not pay me.

I am unable to categorize this ticket in your ticketing system. It will not allow me to submit a ticket since I cannot “Select your Realm”

Realm: Darkspear

I can reply privately with the player’s name, I assume if I post it here it will get removed. Thank you.

That would be because we can’t help you with this, Nakiyama.

This isn’t prohibited, but it isn’t supported either. This would be a private matter between players.


If you’ve been the victim of a scam, we will investigate if either of the following criteria are met:

  • The Master Looter set specific loot rules using in-game chat and did not abide by them.
    Note : MS>OS is not a supported loot rule.
  • A trade of in-game goods and/or services was agreed upon using in game chat, and the other player refused to honor the deal.

While we can’t guarantee that you will recoup your loss, we will investigate and take appropriate action against the offender. Please provide as much detail as possible in your ticket.


In addition to the information needed below, please provide a timeframe for the scam and the items or currency that were taken as the result of the scam.

Character Realm and Name

I kind of think your website says otherwise, Orlyia

We can investigate - what we won’t be able to do is get you your funds.


It doesn’t look like it’s showing up as a submitted ticket. Can you confirm I have submitted a ticket for this? Thanks.