Scaling Made Archeology Stupid!


My character is level 65. I am leveling Archeology and when I go to low level areas like Ashenvale or Zorham Straite the trash mobs are my level and agro me left and right. I am fighting Naga my level but they drop linen cloth and such. I spend more time killing trash mobs then doing Archeology. If you are gonna make me fight trash mobs that are my level then at least give them rewards for my level not linen cloth.


Sorry should have created this topic on this character.

(Tinkerizmo) #3

Where are you doing archaeology?
If you’re doing it at 65 in Eastern Kingdom or Kalimdor, as long as you stay out of the cata zones, you should have a 5 level advantage over any mobs. Yes they will still aggro, but not be the same level as you.

I did archaeology in 7.3.5 (after scaling) and found that it’s still yielded a fair bit of experience at level 70 and doing the classic zones. Xp varied based on dig site size and the level difference didn’t matter.


Ya its not like I am in any danger of dying but its still a lot of effort for little gain.


I would suggest to anyone to wait on LVLing Arceology tilll when there LVL 100+ on any toons since with garrisons a person can LVL up Arcehology by useing the Mage tower and selecting the 3 furthest zones from your Garrison (except for the one in Gorgron since you can get that a mole machine to take you there) that way all a person has to do is go to the zone that they have an active site in and once there Archeology to the right LVL then use the Resotered artifacts to help power LVL your Archeology.